We extend the strongest support for Commissioner Paasch’s much-needed investigation into the financial disparities of the SWOCC budget allocations between the Coos and Curry campuses.    

The enrollment numbers at the Curry campus are disproportionately much lower than those for Coos County. SWOCC has unfairly used these enrollment numbers to justify widely different allocations of resources and student support between the two campuses.    

Consider the totally different student experiences at the two campuses.

Start with the much wider variety of courses and educational facilities at Coos Bay. As a vivid example, Curry students are expected to travel 200 miles a week to avail themselves of labs for required courses in chemistry and other required STEM subjects. By contrast, at the Coos campus, students have access not only to labs, but also to full-time counselors in the areas of enrollment, course planning, financial, disability, and psychological issues.  

Coos students are provided in-person tutoring services when help is needed. They are offered dormitories, athletic participation, cafeterias, social activities, musical instruction and many other opportunities – in other words, a real college experience.   

Take the short drive out to the Curry campus, see the empty halls and classrooms, and contrast this atmosphere with that of any vibrant college you have seen before.

Curry County tax dollars will be fairly allocated only if we insist on proportional representation on the Community College Board of Education. Or, failing that, disengagement from the district and forming our own.

The SWOCC Board of Education meets at the Curry campus just once a year. That date this year happens to be July15 at 1 p.m.  

Commissioner Paasch has promised to be there, and we hope the meeting will also be attended by enough concerned citizens to fill the room in support of a fair deal from SWOCC.


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