Urgent message to Curry County parents and guardians of junior and senior high school students:

The speed at which the world acquires new knowledge is growing incredibly fast. Artificial Intelligence applied to robotics is growing even faster.

“Education Week” predicts that by the time “today’s 6th graders hit their prime working years in 2030, automation and artificial intelligence could have eliminated half the jobs in the United States economy.”

Invest an hour for your student’s future and learn why jobs like middlemen, low-level accountants, bookkeepers, agents and tellers will be gone for them. Then, watch some of the other 12 videos at http://bit.ly/uHKbfH to learn other careers that will be gone and what ones are expected to still be needed

Then, watch this video about the Southern Oregon Trade Careers Expo Sept. 26 at the 7 Feathers Convention Center in Canyonville. https://bit.ly/2U70tAM

All three Curry County high schools have plans to take girls and boys who are interested in their future but might not know all of the options they do have in Oregon. (https://bit.ly/2JBv7A7)

They can explore 10 acres of exhibitor activities, investigate living-wage careers, test their abilities with interactive displays and hands-on activities, and find out about employment in different skilled trades from at least 66 booth exhibitors (click on their name to reach their website), and at least 27 hands-on activities. They can try out real jobs.

Brookings has 242 eligible students, Gold Beach 80 and Port Orford 25. If your student is one of those, watch the Expo video and some of the other videos with them.

If they’re interested, contact your school district office to be sure they get a seat on that bus.


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