Dear Editor: I moved to Brookings less than a year ago, and there are many things about this town and the people who live here that I enjoy and appreciate.

I was involved in a situation about two weeks ago and the police were called, because the guy who was invading our personal space was carrying a gun. He was loud, but not threatening, but it was clear that things could easily escalate.

The policeman who came to our rescue handled the situation quietly and with respect to all involved. The situation quickly de-escalated and everyone there felt safe and grateful to him for his positive intervention.

I have seen teachers bully and threaten children. Coaches, dentists, doctors, Boy Scout leaders, as well as child-care workers, have been involved in emotional, physical and/or sexual molestation.

I constantly read or hear about police brutality against minorities. I experience daily decisions made by politicians that hurt people and the planet. Most of these people operate from a level 2 morality. They enjoy having power and control over other people, as well as the ability to cause fear and pain. 

Every day there is news about how the rich and powerful satisfy their own greedy needs, with absolutely no concern regarding the people they are hurting.

If everyone who had power over other humans and our planet Earth operated out of a moral development of level 5 ... what a wonderful world we would live in!

  It would drastically change the world for the better, if these people were required to take a psychological test in order to accurately access their level of moral development. If they achieved a high level, then we could be sure they were operating out of real kindness and caring.

The policeman in Brookings who came to our rescue was obviously operating for a high level of moral development and we thank him for that.


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