Dear Editor: I would like to thank our local veterans for yet more of their generous giving. Between the two Rogue River jet boat trips this summer, the vets onboard raised $538 for our Curry County Kids!

This helps all of us in bringing our communities and people together.

It was a special opportunity, as well, to teach our young citizens and help them learn about the importance of the sacrifices our veterans have made and continue to make in honorably serving our country. I’m a very proud grandfather, as my oldest grandson, Court, recently volunteered for the United States Army!

The Ocean Side Diner at the Port of Brookings-Harbor picked up the entire $750 cost for the vets’ second boat trip BBQ dinner, with all the fixings, in Agness. Please extend thanks to the diner, if you get the chance.  

And again, we could not have done anything for our super serving citizens without the Jerry’s – Mail Boat’s great help.

On somewhat of a side note, and a bit disappointing, word got back to me that there was some citizen concern that these free river tours were possibly “county organized” and by county staff. For appropriate clarification, absolutely not! All planning, work and river jet piloting were on my personal time, and trips were scheduled for Sundays.

Finally, I’m humbled to speak for many people in our county who sincerely want to thank our veterans now and often. We care very much about those point men and women who volunteered and served courageously. We owe each and every one the greatest of gratitude!  

See you on the Rogue – 2020.


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