It’s almost time for back to school!

While there might be a little groaning about the return of homework and math tests, most kids can’t help getting excited about their return to school. Heading back to school means new teachers, new classes, and for a lot of kids, new clothes.

However, for some kids the return to school is cause for worry and embarrassment. There are children in Curry’s County foster care system who won’t have any new clothes for school, who barely have clothes at all.

There are children who own a single set of clothing to be worn to school every day. There are kids wearing shoes that are sizes too small, and jeans that have been long outgrown. Some children don’t have clothes to protect them from the wind or rain that are so much a part of winter in Curry County.

Budgets are tight for everyone, businesses and families, but despite tough economic times, we don’t want to ignore kids who are going without.

There are organizations that take clothes and shoes to Third World countries, a very worthy cause. But what about our kids here in Curry County? School can be difficult for any child and they need all the help they can get.

As a community, we have an opportunity to help a group of kids in Curry County feel comfortable, confident and happy when they go back to their classrooms in September. Through our Attire to Inspire program, we’re asking for new clothes for these kids.

This is a problem that CASA of Curry County and the Rogue Credit Union want to help solve, and we are asking for your help!

Go to your local Rogue Credit Union and pick up an Attire to Inspire tag, with the child’s sizes and likes. Purchase the items and return them to the Rogue Credit Union with the tag. It’s that simple!

The Attire to Inspire program runs Aug. 1-Aug. 30.

If you choose to make a financial contribution instead of choosing a tag, please feel free to leave it at the credit union, or go to and hit donate button.

All Rogue Credit Unions from Port Orford to Brookings will carry the tags.


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