Since my name was referenced negatively in a recent Letters to the Editor section, I thank you in advance for the opportunity to respond.

It was very disappointing to read the terrible labeling and outlandish words used by Mr. Pitts-Campbell in his Pilot letter. “Terrorists, cowards, and thugs,” were among the insults and inflammatory rhetoric used.

I actually know Oregon Sen. Brian Boquist and believe him to be one of the most highly principled people I’ve ever met in Salem. I can assure you, he is fierce in representing the best interest of his citizens.

My father, Allen Boice, was the famous, beloved and dedicated Curry Sheriff in the ‘60s and ‘70s. One of my sons has been with the Oregon State Police for 17 years, and I’m also proud to have a first cousin who was sheriff here in the ‘90s.

My record for strong support of law enforcement and public safety is second to none in this county.

Many have followed the 11-senator “walk-out” issue that occurred toward the end of the 2019 Oregon Legislative Session, and while I wish Mr. Boquist had not stated some of what he said, we cannot ignore the passion from both sides on the carbon-emissions issue. But clearly in this instance, a warrant would be required to arrest someone for not showing up for work and as I stated previously, nobody was serious about harming OSP officers.

As a Curry County commissioner, I appreciate my position as nonpartisan. After following this issue closely, I can say with confidence that HB 2020 was a very bad bill for our state, especially for Curry County and all of rural Oregon. That is why Democratic senators Roblan and Johnson were also in opposition, two senators that I also have tremendous respect for.

Our people want balance and common sense — the now-defeated HB 2020 had neither. On the contrary, Rep. David Brock Smith’s HB 3433 has both, but unfortunately didn’t get any traction in a Capitol dominated by metro and urban interests.

I am confident that his bill will return in the next legislative session and be a logical movement forward for wise and practical Oregon carbon sequestration.

While I don’t want to draw conclusions, the Pitts-Campbell letter seems designed to further divide Oregon and Oregonians, which isn’t good for anyone.

Calling an elected official a “terrorist” because of purely political differences clearly steps over the line and it also reminds me: where do you suppose he stands on the slime ANTIFA; those represented by the Portland radicals that brutally assaulted the gay, Asian, and highly respected Journalist July 1 for daring to have different views?

Please ponder, who are the true “terrorists, cowards, and thugs”?


Court Boice

Curry County Commissioner


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