Dear Editor: A year ago, I wrote a letter to the editor predicting the nervous breakdown Trump is currently having. If you’ve heard him babble lately, you know I was right. Sad.

I also predicted his economic plan would explode the deficit. Unfortunately, that prediction is coming true, too. The Congressional Budget Office says that this year, and for at least the next five years, we’re going to be forced to borrow over a trillion dollars a year to keep our country afloat.  

That’s almost double the annual deficit of two years ago. That’ll put us $29 trillion in debt.

A short history lesson: The debt was $1 trillion when Reagan was elected. He cut taxes and the debt tripled to $3 trillion. Clinton gets elected, the deficit turns into a surplus, i.e., zero deficit. Bush junior gets appointed president, cuts taxes, the deficit explodes again and goes to $11 trillion. (Obama inherited over a trillion-dollar-a-year deficit, which he was able to cut almost in half.)

Trump gets elected, cuts taxes so the rich can feel good about themselves, Bingo, we’re back to trillion-dollar deficits. (Sorry, kids.)

Anybody want to bet he doesn’t come up with some way of getting out of next year’s election?

Larry Schelter

Gold Beach


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