Dear Editor: Never in my lifetime did I expect the Democratic Party to annihilate itself in such a short amount of time.

A little over 4,000 votes went to Hillary Clinton in Curry County. And Oregon, being as strong as it is with Democrats, I’m sure those among us are staying quiet.

The entire state will move slower than the southern counties, but if the Democrats stay on the current path, it will demolish the party’s name. Not one Democrat running for president has a chance to beat President Trump.

The only thing Democrats are doing at this time is giving Trump more to make them look stupid and silly. How on earth can a political party guarantee free health care when every city run by its party is piled with garbage, people sleeping and pooing everywhere, rats and mice taking over, and the four new representatives (the Squad) asking for a New Green Deal?

There is only one scary thing that must be contained: our news media. After CNN closes its doors, maybe the others will report the truth.

My first time to vote, at 22 years old, was for JFK. I was proud of him and his brother, Bobby. After their assassinations, Ted turned left and the press stood behind him. The press would not say anything against the man who had lived through his brothers getting assassinated.

Ted picked up on what was happening, so he “Borked” a man running for a top justice position, and didn’t report the death of a 21-year-old girl after he drove off a bridge, until he sobered up the next day.

Since that time, the press has flowed left for Democratic rule.

If this election goes one-sided toward liberals, it very well may be the start of the end for the USA.


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