Dear Editor: The Committee for the Southern Oregon Kite Festival would like to thank Country Media and its owners, Carol and Steve Hungerford, and their staff . . . effusively.

Country Media came into town on July 1, knowing (I assume) little to nothing about Brookings’ biggest annual event, the SOKF, and they hit the ground running!

Three days later, I was being interviewed exhaustively by Jeremy Ruark, one of their veteran reporters, who tracked me down at the July 4th “Family Fun Festival in the Port” about the hows, whats, whys, and whens of the festival.

By the festival’s monthly meeting, six days later, our subcommittee for working with the media was already making arrangements for the following year — and Country Media had just published its third issue!

Requests from Jeremy followed, for photos to be used. Follow-up questions were asked.

And on July 13, only 12 days after taking over operation of The Pilot, here was Saturday’s newspaper with massive coverage of their first “Southern Oregon Kite Festival.”

This is what investment in the community is: coming into a community, discovering that something important is happening in three weeks, and making sure that the job of reporting on it is done and is done properly.

Thank you, Carol, Steve, Jeremy and all those others who helped to produce this miracle.

I’m sorry that I didn’t get to meet you, Carol and Steve, at our Auction Banquet to thank you personally, but let’s try to make up for that at some time in the near future.

 From all of us on the Southern Oregon Kite Festival Committee, to all of you in Country Media — thank you for a job expertly done!


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