Maybe we should all go back to calling it Independence Day and instead of celebrating the Fourth of July as the birthday of our country, to take some time to read the Declaration of Independence and remember that is was no picnic for our founding fathers. What they did could have been considered an act of treason. The oppression they endured forced them to rebel.

After the war was over, they crafted the Constitution to protect our liberty but they also included a path to amend the Constitution for when our Congress is deadlocked and our government is becoming oppressive. The power shifts to the people and to the states in the form of an Article V amendment convention, to address the crisis in debate, just as our founding fathers debated the Declaration of Independence.

Over the years, there have been many attempts to amend the Constitution through a convention of states but never successfully. Constitutional scholars and judges believe the time has come.

We have turned our power over to the government, and now it is time to take it back. The power is derived from the people and true power comes from assuming responsibility.

Let the debate begin. First topic, is change necessary? What is the rationale for change?



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