It looks like all the “activities” this coming week will most likely be at the fairgrounds. That’s pretty typical of fair week, because this community is definitely pretty invested in the fair.

Turns out I’m not the only “regular” entrant who messed up this year. One of my friends did, too, so neither of us has any entries.

We have always enjoyed friendly competition, but this year we’ll just have to wonder who might have had a blue ribbon. We both got busy with other things, and neglected to get to those entry forms in time.

But I’ll go on Senior Day, because there is always so much to see. And since that awful vertigo of mine is under control, I can go see the animals this year. I especially like to see the rabbits and other animals the kids have worked so hard to raise all year.

One rabbit I remember from a couple years ago was beautiful. The fur was so short, it looked like it was wearing velvet. I hope there will be one like it this year.

So there will be no blue ribbons added to my wall this year. I have to laugh about one of my last ones .... I love coconut, and had found a new recipe for coconut cake that was absolutely yummy. So I made one and entered it. It got a blue ribbon, but the girls were all laughing—the judges were people who did not like coconut – but they had really liked that cake.

Of course, I can’t miss the plants, either. All those gorgeous fuchsias in so many different varieties!

I usually enter some African violets, but they weren’t blooming. Maybe next year – I’ll just have to put a big mark on my calendar for the final date for entry forms.

August will bring us more activities, and New Life Community Church has a musical program in the works, although not solidified yet. They have done events like this in the past, with congregational singing, and special music, both vocal and instrumental.

It is not confined to just New Life. Have a song to share? More info as things are finalized.

The Dimensions of the Imagination program for the Nazarene and New Life Community churches will take place at New Life on Aug. 17 at 2 p.m. Bring an old shirt to protect clothing, and prepare for what we have been told will be more fun than the last program together. There will also be finger foods to munch on.

We had a lot of fun last time, so don’t miss this one!

It’s a bit more difficult to plan an event for everyone’s convenience when you’re scheduling for two churches, but with trial and error, we’re doing better at it.

A lot of you have asked me if the Church Notebook will continue under the new owners. I had a very enjoyable meeting with Carol Hungerford, and she says yes. As for me, as long as yous keep telling me you enjoy it, I will keep writing.

I still miss Gopher Gulch! I wish we still had Inez and that witty column! It was the first thing I turned to with every Tuesday paper, when it was still there.

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