“What a coincidence!”

“Boy, was that good luck!”

How many times have you said that when something extra good happens? Or when a really narrow escape enables you to avoid serious trouble or even injury?

But in such situations, how many times do you stop and realize that the real reason was that God was looking out for you?

The AGLOW group will be discussing miracles when they meet Tuesday. And the receipt of that information made me stop and think. If you look back over your life, I would bet you could see at least one instance where a close call must have had some form of divine intervention.

I can name several! At age 6, I just missed being hit by a branch knocked out of a tree by lightening. At 16, nearly drowning. In later life, impossibly escaping a collision with a cement truck – and another time, an unexplainable wrong turn on a familiar road kept me away from a fatal accident.

Growing up in upstate New York, our church youth went to Christian camp every summer. Highland Lake Bible Conference was a wonderful place on a beautiful lake.

And if you were in high school, you could work there all summer. You earned a few dollars … that’s how, in 1956, I bought my first Bible, a King James with a bright-red leather cover … and got to enjoy the whole summer there.

We had a float tethered in the deeper part of the lake and we all swam out to, sat on, and “hung out” for a little while before it was time to start prep for the evening meal. The lifeguard tower was on the float.

I had climbed onto the float, and sat leaning up against the tower. It was warm and sunny, and I fell asleep. The kids had a habit of rocking the float, but didn’t usually rock it hard. A slow rock was likely what put me to sleep. But, apparently that day, they decided to rock it a lot harder.

Suddenly I was awakened — under water! I had no idea which way was up and my only thought was that I was going to drown.

As I tried to find my way to the surface, I felt a strong grip on my arm, and I was quickly pulled to the surface – but there was no one there! The float was a distance away and everyone denied helping me. God or guardian angel, I have to realize if not for that intervention, I most likely would not be here today. Nor would my kids, or a musically talented grandson who is serving the Lord in Kansas City!

The Aglow meeting takes place Tuesdays noon-2 p.m. at Summer Park Lane, Building A. Both men and women are welcome. The program includes a speaker, music, discussion and prayer. Bring snacks, if you wish.

Today at 2 p.m. the New Life Community Church hosts a program with the folks from the Nazarene and Pelican Bay Evangelical Free churches. This will be the second in a series of fun uses of art, and if anything like the first, will be very much enjoyed.

The afternoon will include food and fun, with fellowship enabling the three churches to get better acquainted with each other. In a time when there seems to be so much animosity by some about faith, we need to know each other better to be able to support each other when needed.

On August 23 and 24, you can shop for treasures at the annual sale put on by the Smith River United Methodist Church. Times are 9 a.m.-3 p.m. each day – and you never know what you will find! So why not check it out? You may find just that exact thing you’ve been missing!

August 25 is going to be a special day at the Nazarene Church. “Kids Day” will focus on the children, both in song and the message about David and Goliath. After the service, all will head to Florence Keller Park for a BBQ.

To contact Martha Williams, call or text 707-460-3000, or email watchnwait@charter.net. Please let me know if you encounter difficulty emailing me.


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