Sources of good news can be hard to find these days. Reading the headlines might make us think that polarization, divisiveness and devastation are all around us.  

Yet, we also see heartwarming heroism, kindness and uplifting community support and spirit - what our community called the real “Chetco effect” during recent wildfires in our area.  

In those acts of goodness, we are seeing men and women expressing their real, God-given nature.  

Where can we find more of this good news, news that doesn’t shy away from problems but lifts our view to help us make permanent progress towards more freedom in all aspects of our lives?

“What we’re looking for,” says Patricia Woodard, a practitioner of Christian Science healing, “is a view that uplifts our thoughts, changing our perspective to one that makes a difference for the better, that


“To me, this is what Christian Science is about: Finding a spiritual perspective of God that reveals the goodness, wellness and freedom flowing from God every day, helping those take tangible and reliable shape in our lives and the lives of others. That’s the ultimate good news!”

Woodard will give a talk, “Breaking News: Freedom Is Ours Now,” on Sept. 21 at 11 a.m. at the Chetco Community Public Library, 405 Alder in Brookings.  Her lecture will explore the practicality in today’s world of Christ Jesus’ life and works, as recorded in the Bible and as discussed in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, written by the founder of the Christian Science movement, Mary Baker Eddy.

“I’ll share the way Christian Science has brought healing to my own life,” says Woodard, “rescuing me from a troubling situation with my teenage daughter and freeing me from the effects of an accident. I’ll also give examples of how it has helped others from different walks of life.”

Woodard says, “The common thread through these experiences is a clearer view of the reality of God’s good news, that God-derived freedom is inherently ours now, releasing us from fear and pain in our lives and causing us to soar!”

For many years, Woodard has been a Christian Science practitioner, praying with people for divine help and healing. She loves to travel and has lived in many parts of the U.S. and twice in Brazil. Each new culture and environment have taught her more about God, universal Love, and how all people are made to reflect God’s goodness.

More recently, Woodard has been active in taking the healing ministry to those in the prison system in Dallas, Texas, where she now resides. She has also given her talk in many prisons around the country, including in Oregon.


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