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Dear Editor: July was the hottest month in human history, Aug 2018-July 2019 were the wettest 12 months in the U.S. in 124 years, 18 of the hottest years ever recorded occurred since 2000 – so, climate change is already hard upon us. Yet, the average global temperature has increased by only …

Dear Editor: As we have seen again in recent weeks, this nation is facing an epidemic of right-wing domestic terrorism. Gunmen, openly boasting white-nationalist views, targeted Latino immigrants for mass murder in El Paso and Gilroy, just as white supremacists previously slaughtered Jews at…

Funny thing about our kids. After we pass a certain point in our lives, they decide they need to start taking care of us. Sometimes, that translates to them moving us great distances.

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Dear Editor: Safety City has just completed its 22nd year, with a total of 56 graduates, during the three, one-week sessions. Safety City has now graduated 1,156 5-year-old children in those 22 years.

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Dear Editor: On Aug. 7, the Curry County Board of Commissioners voted 3-0 in favor of further inquiry regarding the Southwestern Oregon Community College Tax District’s financial circumstances, as pertains to the Curry campus.

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Dear Editor: As a subscriber to both the Curry Coastal Pilot and The Del Norte Triplicate, I have watched recent issues with interest. Although readers were jolted by changes following the sudden ownership transition, I think the papers are improving with each edition over the past few weeks.

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Dear Editor: This, from Jefferson Public Radio regarding the Oregon Department of Veterans Affairs, dated Aug. 6, 2019: “The Veterans Administration Medical Center in Roseburg has been warning veterans for months that a shutdown of their emergency department could be imminent. Now, that warn…

Dear Editor: State senators representing rural Oregonians walked off the job in June to prevent the state from addressing global warming. But effective action is overdue.

I am a member of the Bay Area Sundowners, a world-renowned sport kite show team that has attended and entertained at virtually every “Southern Oregon Kite Festival” since its inception in 1993.  

It looks like all the “activities” this coming week will most likely be at the fairgrounds. That’s pretty typical of fair week, because this community is definitely pretty invested in the fair.


Steve and I are meeting an increasing number of nice, helpful people in our new communities of Crescent City, Brookings and surrounding area.

Dear Editor: Last week at 11:30 a.m., my daughter had a tire blow out on U.S. Highway 101 in Harbor. My caregiver was driving at the time, when they heard a loud “pop” and realized they had a problem.

Dear Editor: The Committee for the Southern Oregon Kite Festival would like to thank Country Media and its owners, Carol and Steve Hungerford, and their staff . . . effusively.

There will be tomatoes and peppers ready in the hothouse soon, and I can hardly wait. One of my favorite sandwiches is just sliced tomatoes with mayo and a slight sprinkle of salt, on any variety of bread.


Earlier this week, one of our reporters was asked by a news source if Country Media would be shutting down The Triplicate and/or The Pilot. In response, he wondered aloud to her, “Why would the new owners spend all of that money just to close the doors?”

We are now in the heart of the fire season, and the Brookings Ministerial Association is hosting a prayer gathering at 7 p.m. Thursday, July 18, at Brookings City Hall. 

We extend the strongest support for Commissioner Paasch’s much-needed investigation into the financial disparities of the SWOCC budget allocations between the Coos and Curry campuses.    

Curry County Commissioner Court Boice’s July 10 letter to the editor uses the radical group ANTIFA as a comparison to a citizen who expressed his opinion in a letter to the editor.


When learning a new task as a youngster, it could be frustrating and seemingly impossible. But my mom would remind me that as long as I was taking two steps forward and only one back, I was making progress.

Walking. It’s great to walk and talk with a friend. Sometimes I walk alone and often find that I’m singing hymns to myself. Several months ago I was having trouble walking with pain in my hip, and getting worse, and wondered if eventually I wouldn’t be able to walk anymore. Hymn 139 from the…

The excitement of the Fourth is fading, and that of the fair stirring. But there’s still something good going on.

Since my name was referenced negatively in a recent Letters to the Editor section, I thank you in advance for the opportunity to respond.


Hello, Brookings and Crescent City! We’re privileged to be the new owners of the Curry Coastal Pilot and the Del Norte Triplicate.

(I wrote this column 11 years ago. Now my granddaughter Emmersen has finished her freshman year of college. But this memory is vivid and the message timeless.)

Your article “Senator threatens violence” carefully neglects to point out that Curry County’s State Sen. Dallas Heard is among the cowards who ran rather than do the jobs they were hired to do, which is to represent us in Salem, Oregon, not Idaho. Heard has also made no statement decrying th…

As I press on with the issues facing the county, and the many financial shortfalls we face, I am encountering many things that are accepted as status quo but really need to be addressed.

As we approach the remainder of our summer, all should be reminded of wise awareness and how exposed we often are to fire. Our forests produce some of the highest quality, fastest growing trees in the world, providing clear water, clean air and tremendous fish and wildlife habitat.

Maybe we should all go back to calling it Independence Day and instead of celebrating the Fourth of July as the birthday of our country, to take some time to read the Declaration of Independence and remember that is was no picnic for our founding fathers. What they did could have been consid…