Restoring the Dunes

Do you want to help restore dunes, benefit wildlife, and volunteer outside in a beautiful location? Then come out and work with us on Saturday (June 1, rain date June 2). Volunteers will trek into the beautiful Tolowa Dunes State Park and work to remove invasive European beachgrass on the shores of Lake Tolowa.

This event is a partnership between the California Conservation Corps Watershed Stewards Program in Partnership with AmeriCorps, the Tolowa Dee-ni’ Nation Natural Resources Department and the Tolowa Dunes Stewards. Friendly competitions will be held for who can pull the longest root and what teams can rack up the biggest piles.

Removing the highly invasive European beachgrass restores dunes to their native state, helps the lagoon breach naturally, and benefits tons of native plants and animals, including the threatened snowy plover and beloved salmonids like steelhead trout.

Volunteers should meet at the Lake Earl Information Center, 2591 Old Mill Road, Crescent City, at 9 a.m. Please wear closed-toed shoes and bring water and light snacks. Refreshments will be provided for volunteers at the beginning and end of the event. Restoration is a moderate activity and involves a two-mile round trip walk over level ground.

Please contact Brian Wagenaar at 952-237-1779 or with any questions.

The mission of the Watershed Stewards Program (WSP) is to conserve, restore, and enhance anadromous watersheds for future generations by linking education with high-quality scientific practices. A program of the California Conservation Corps, WSP is one of the most productive programs for future employment in natural resources. WSP is administered by California Volunteers and sponsored by the Corporation for National and Community Service.

Brian Wagenaar

WSP Member

Accepting reality

Politics is known for being rough and tumble and even a blood sport by some but since Trump’s win, the Democrats and liberals have developed a serious condition. Politics for them has become a cancer of hate that’s taking over their lives.

It’s beyond deceitful for them to claim tolerance. Their tolerance ends at the sound of their own voices. Conservatives, pro-lifers and rational thinkers are subjected to screaming harassment and physical violence from their hateful in-tolerance every day. Their in-tolerance attacks children wearing MAGA hats while the media gorges and regurgitates on cue. Even sharing an opinion in a small community can be met with hate filled attacks from transitory voices. The cancer of hate is growing.

Hillary’s campaign failed, the phony Russian collusion failed, Mueller’s two-year insurance policy investigation failed and the pending Congressional do-over is DOA. Impeachment? Go for it, 65 percent of the country dares you. It’s time to grow up and accept Trump is president before the cancer of hate consumes you.

Removing Trump, reversing his hundreds of judicial appointments, reinstating the trashed regulations, returning us to a sick economy and high unemployment is not going to happen. Trump will finish the wall, realign our trade agreements and constrain North Korea, Iran and China. Trump won the election and is winning for America, accept reality before the cancer of hate becomes terminal.

But wait, before you take your last breath or write a nasty letter, there is good news. Attorney General Bill Barr will soon deliver the transparency Democrats have yearned for by exposing the real traitors and dirty cops that began the real constitutional crisis. Their trials and long sentences will be a good start to bringing respect and pride back to our law enforcement agencies that all Americans agree is desperately needed.

Kimberly Tyson


No one wants abortion

A few years ago I was a volunteer at the childcare’s nursery of a drug rehabilitation center. One day a woman came in with a child (I will call the child Lisa). Lisa was her mom’s sixth child. The others all ended up in foster homes and were adopted out. Lisa had fetal alcohol syndrome.

When I met Lisa I was startled to find such a little person was actually 1½ years old. Her small black eyes stared intently as if she was fearful of what she was seeing. She couldn’t walk on her own, so she was on the floor crying. Her cries were more like screams of pain.

I picked her up and danced and sang to her. It took 20 to 30 minutes for her to calm and I felt the telltale deep breath and her head against my chest. Later efforts took her less time to calm. From then on, whenever I was in the nursery, Lisa was in my arms, in my lap or touching me. She wouldn’t let go.

One day a staff member whispered to me (while I was holding Lisa), “Don’t get too attached. They sometimes don’t live long.” I replied, “Too late.”

Should Lisa have been aborted? Absolutely not. She should not have been conceived. Lisa’s mom’s previous five pregnancy’s demonstrated that she did not want children.

If we want to lower the rates of abortion in this country we need to offer free contraceptives. For those who have the families they want or those who don’t want a family, we should offer a procedure that will permanently prevent pregnancy.

No one actually wants an abortion. No woman in the history of the earth has deliberately gotten pregnant so she could have an abortion. Of course I can’t prove this but I don’t think it can be disproved either. (I’m not counting the women who say “If I get pregnant I will get an abortion.)

Laws that restrict abortion don’t end it. They just interfere with the rights of women and result in the dangerous, and sometimes fatal acts of self abortion.

Let’s end this abortion discussion (and laws) and spend our time helping the children that are already here. Remember, one out of every six children in this country doesn’t have enough to eat.

Edlin Patterson


BOC bad trade

As kids we loved to play the board game, Monopoly, trading properties and then having to sell them back after landing on a dreaded hotel. If you landed on Boardwalk or Park Place toward the end of the game, well that was usually the end.

As I watched the BOC meeting on May 22, I couldn’t help being reminded of playing Monopoly and wondering why would anyone be so excited about trading Boardwalk for Baltic Ave?

For those who are not aware, Commissioners (Court) Boice and (Sue) Gold just voted to trade 90 acres of beautiful Lake Floras waterfront property to the Oregon State Parks in exchange for 30 acres of an unusable, deed-restricted little swampy piece of land.

The parks supervisor was asked in the meeting if it might be possible to work something out with a more valuable piece of land like McVey Park in Brookings. That property would bring much needed revenue every year for the county. He said “yes, absolutely, but it may take a little longer to get some issues straightened out.” However, because of a group of citizens from north county had grown impatient, Boice and Gold chose to give them what they wanted rather than spend a little more time to put a better deal together.

I urge anyone reading this to please watch the video of the meeting on the county website. It looks to me like we are moving to not only give Lake Floras property to the state but soon it will be the entire county. We all need to work together making the best decisions for the entire county. Please, voice your opinions to your commissioners before they sign this deal. It’s not a game and we’re not just rolling dice here.

Bonnie Paasch

Gold Beach

Liberals get worse each day

I sure enjoyed the cartoon showing President Lincoln telling President Trump that he hasn’t seen the Democrats so mad over losing an election since he beat them in 1860. It portrays the left’s hatred of our elected president that seems to be getting worse every day.

A poster in the Democrat headquarters in Brookings reads “Mueller Time.” But when Robert Mueller and his Trump-hating staff reported no collusion the left went ballistic. All of a sudden Robert Mueller became a traitor and now Pelosi has made a ridiculous and unwarranted accusation that Trump is covering up something.

Another sign at their headquarters reads “Be Part of the Solution.” Unfortunately, their solution is more taxes, more restrictions, more regulations, an undermined Bill of Rights, more entitlements, and let’s not forget supporting people who don’t want to help themselves.

A recent liberal letter writer claimed that they are not after our guns. Of course they are. They are on record saying that they won’t stop until America is gunless. He is in favor of a top tax rate of 90 percent. That will cause inflation and for sure, companies will leave America for more tax-friendly countries.

I’m proud that we have the strongest military because I believe it’s necessary for peace. I’m glad we have a successful businessman for our president instead of a job-killing politician who gave money and guns to cartels and countries that hate us. We now have lower taxes, lower unemployment, over 6 million more jobs, higher wages for blue collar workers and a thriving middle class. I have no quarrel with the rich, they are the job creators that have invested in the greatest country on earth. Raising their taxes will cause those companies to pour out of America as fast as the illegal aliens are pouring in. If that’s their solution they are sure to lose in 2020.

Keep America Great.

Lou Costa