Withdrawing from the local VVA

Attention: Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 757 board of directors — Since I ended any affiliation with the 757 Chapter months ago when I filed official AVVA paperwork and went to an at-large membership of AVVA, I appreciated the board’s painful elaboration of the obvious in the expensive Curry Coastal Pilot ad. Hopefully, the board did not use donated money to purchase the ad.

I withdrew from any chapter affiliation when the VVA 757 Chapter became severely dysfunctional and abusive. The ensuing inter-chapter power struggle was/is not conducive to my work trying to build up veterans and families in our community and to address veteran suicides. Because of those AVVA and VVA 757 issues and worse, I took the official measure to withdraw from the chapter and distance myself in direct response to the upheaval, power-grabbing, rumor-spreading and scapegoating.

So, yes, in no way shape or form do I represent VVA Chapter 757 — nor do I want to do so. Instead, I represent EFFA and some of the members of a Gold Star family. Glad that VVA 757 finally acknowledges this distinction. Please, everyone make these necessary distinctions. Obviously, it’s difficult, and people even mix up the VA, AVVA and VVA and EFFA using them interchangeably as if they were the same thing.

I wish no ill harm to VVA 757 but what they bring on themselves, I cannot enable and do not protect. I also do not hold the national organizations of VVA and AVVA in anything but high regard because of one renegade chapter.

Connie Hunter


Great Wall of Trump

No matter what you’ve read here about “border ignorance,” The Great Wall Of Trump is just a mindless campaign fantasy that’ll never be built. Fact is, those most affected — Americans living along the Mexican border — don’t want it. What they want instead is more Border Patrol.

Last November, the voters in all nine Congressional border districts elected representatives who oppose Trump’s wall — including Republican Will Hurd of Texas, whose district covers 820 border miles and who considers the wall “insane.” He advocates a high-tech Smart Wall and increased manpower (more effective at a tiny fraction of the cost).

But why else would Hurd’s constituents, conservative ranchers and farmers, reject the barrier? Because they don’t want the government taking their property, that’s why.

Two-thirds of the land needed for the wall is privately owned. So thousands of acres of farms and ranches — many of them family-owned for generations — plus homes, businesses and Native American lands would have to be seized by the government under eminent domain if the owners refused to sell at the government’s “fair” price. (Trump loves eminent domain. That’s how he built his casinos.)

Also, the wall wouldn’t be right on the border, but up to three miles inside it — so the US would effectively cede hundreds of square miles of land to Mexico. Ranchers would be walled off from their grazing lands and farmers from their fields. Americans living outside the barrier would be isolated from their own country. They’d have to go through border check gates to take their kids to school.

I think our Pacific Northwest Trumpies ought to head down to Texas and tell those ranchers face-to-face that they should sacrifice their great-grandfathers’ lands for Donnie Boy’s manufactured immigration panic. They’d get a Second Amendment response.

No, folks, the wall ain’t happening.

Mike Gaynes


Hartung Introduction

I’m Sharon Hartung and I was just elected as a director for Position 2 at the Port of Brookings Harbor. I will assume these duties in July and want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support and votes.

I would also like to thank Port Director Wesley Ferraccioli for his volunteered hours as a port director in Position 2.There needs to be more people like Wesley in our community willing to volunteer their time for these important and unpaid positions.

Let me take this opportunity to ensure all in the port district that I have no agenda other than contributing my ideas and decisions to improving both the financial and infrastructure challenges at the port. I will be a team player and keep the public’s and port’s interest as my main concern. I am a good listener and will be receptive to your concerns, ideas and constructive suggestions. Please feel free to contact me at my future port email address starting in July.

Sharon Hartung


Remembering socialism

Are there any parents out there who remember what Socialism was and is? Oh I forgot… history. We must topple its statues, burn its books. Ignore what is out there to be learned.

There is an old saying, if you ignore the past, you are doomed to repeat it. They want to remove our guns. Anybody who studied history knows that was one of Hitler’s first moves. Burning and banning books was right up there as well. Keep them ignorant and unarmed.

Hitler killed millions. Not just the Jews but any who thwarted his plan. The Holocaust was horrific. He loved to do medical experiments as well. Tie together the legs of a woman in labor, watch while she delivered, then spear he child with a bayonet. Medical technology?

So let’s just forget it… it’s unimportant… just history. Look at Venezuela, Russia, Scandinavia. You think, that won’t happen here. Think again. Given power, money and human greed, it will happen here.

I heard about a child in California. A girl she was friends with told her they couldn’t be best friends because she is too white. Another, a fourth-grader, told her mom that she couldn’t wear a red, white and blue dress because it was racist. Another child in her class was made an example of because her name was Reagan. Her mother is now homeschooling?

The problem with our entire education system now is they are not Teaching kids how to think, but what to think. We need to start being parents not just other people in the house.

Sharon Henry

Gold Beach