Pulling a fast one

It is so stupid this county is having an off-year election when two of the ballot measures are nonbinding.

I think somebody is trying to pull a fast one and I think it has something to do with somebody trying to sneak in a lame idea for a sales tax right here in Curry County.

The sales tax has already been voted down nine or 10 times in the State of Oregon. Dumb ideas for a sales tax are all well and good for dumb states like California and Washington but have no place here in Oregon.

It was very sad to hear about the passing of Susanna Fernandez. I would encourage the local citizens here in the Brookings area to do everything they can do to support the Chetco Community Public Library. That would be the best way to honor the legacy of Fernandez.

Joe Thomas


Keep it clean

Summer is arriving and we will have many tourists, family and community locals on our beaches. We have one state park ranger from Harris State Park who monitors, cleans our beaches, picks up trash, puts up signs as needed and ensures the safety of our environment and wildlife.

The beaches that the ranger monitors are Harris, Mill, Chetco Point, Sporthaven and Crissey. Let’s pull together as a community and help our state park rangers pick up trash and keep our beaches safe and clean.

Steven and June Podesta


Kite festival volunteer meeting

Our next volunteer meeting will be held on Sunday, May 19, 1:30 p.m., at the Driftwood Estates Clubhouse.

The 27th Annual Southern Oregon Kite Festival will take place on July 20-21 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on the kite field at the Port of Brookings Harbor. To begin that weekend on July 19, the sixth annual Indoor Kite Flying Demo will be held in the Brookings-Harbor High School Gymnasium at 7 p.m.

The success of this weekend of activities relies on the many volunteers from the community who help the event run smoothly for the thousands of residents and visitors who attend this festival. Volunteers are needed for helping at the free children’s kite-making workshops, selling T-shirts at the SOKF headquarters tent, passing out programs to attendees, serving as greeters at the free shuttle bus stops, assisting with traffic control and more.

If you have two or more hours of time to assist with the SOKF during the third full weekend in July, please contact Marihelen Pitts-Campbell at marihelenpc@gmail.com or call 541-251-0498. Other preparation activities are planned for the months before the festival.

Helping with the Southern Oregon Kite Festival is a great opportunity to meet people, gain experience, and have a huge impact on your community. As Winston Churchill said, “You make a living by what you get, but you make a life by what you give.”

This unique event is free and fun for everyone. To learn more about the Southern Oregon Kite Festival go to sokf.org.

Marihelen Pitts-Campbell

Member of the SOKF committee

Thank you Val Early and Salmon Run

Thanks to Val and Matt Early for making our Mother’s Day so special. Four generations together for a great meal made to order for the nine of us. You made it special and everyone loved the food. What a day to remember and plan for another occasion.

Diane Riley


Border ignorance

Border barrier ignorance can no longer be tolerated. The Democrats are flagrantly inflicting malice on all U.S. citizens by preventing the construction of a barrier on our Southern border.

The majority of the illegals flooding our country come to and through our Southern border on foot. Mexicans entering illegally can be immediately deported, however, they must first be caught, processed, given food and health care before deportation. Immigrants from countries south of Mexico only need to place one foot on our soil to demand asylum. They, too, must be caught, processed, given food and health screenings and trials. This invasion has overwhelmed our faculties, resources and personnel to the point thousands are being released into who knows where. Communities throughout America are being overrun by nonEnglish speaking low skilled migrants awaiting trial the majority will never attend.

There is a simple answer to the pedestrian issue; build an impenetrable barrier. We spend billions catching and processing the hundreds of thousands of illegals walking through non-secured areas each year. Here’s an idea, redirect those funds to build a continuous barrier that would prevent the crossings in the first place.

I support Trump’s plan to ship illegals awaiting trials to sanctuary cities. Democrats will never draft legislation to eliminate the incentives that have caused and perpetuate the invasion until their communities and their constituents feel the negative impact of their inaction.

Moreover, the migrants need to stop running away and fight for their countries. As long as they can run and hide in the U.S., unlimited numbers will come until we are completely overrun. We will become the insolvent, high crime and gang-ridden country they just fled.

President Trump, finish the wall using whatever means necessary. The invasion must be stopped if we are to regain orderly and legal immigration.

Dee Tyson


No on lodging tax

Vote no on imposing a larger lodging tax. From my point of view it will be bad for our local economy.

Since the travelers are paying the tax, some think it will be free money for us. If the traveler is only spending a night or two, it may not make too much difference. The extra tax will be noticeable to someone staying a week or more.

By imposing this tax we will be making it less reasonable to stay here. They may decide to head north to Newport, which has the Oregon Coast Aquarium or other places with attractions available.

The people staying longer book fishing trips, jet boat rides, eat in more restaurants, spend more time shopping in our local stores and help our economy the most. The travelers spend a lot more money here than the tax will bring in.

Bob Hyatt