Suicide and gun myths

Using anecdotes and myths around suicide by firearms, a recent writer closed his April 23 letter saying “...these individuals need facts, not hearsay from other uninformed activists.”

He admits “...I’m not an expert...” then goes on to say Myth 1 “Blaming firearms for easy suicides is easy but not accurate.” (1) In Oregon in 2016, 81 percent of all gun deaths were suicide, 96 percent of those were white and 86 percent were male culminating in 54 percent of all suicides were by firearms. (2) In a study talking with people in the hospital shortly after their suicide attempt, 48 percent said they first started thinking about attempting suicide within 10 minutes of making the attempt. (3) People with a gun in the household are 50 times more likely to kill themselves.

Myth 2 “If a person is bent on suicide, they will find a way...” (1) Only 10 percent of those who attempted, attempt again. (2) The suicide of any one person in particular never is inevitable.

What we believe is that it takes many facets of a community to prevent suicide. In September, we will place a 16-page four-color magazine called Finding Hope in newspapers covering 68 percent of Curry County households. We’re asking businesses, organizations, and individuals like you to each donate $50 to show how serious we are about reducing suicides and suicide attempts in our community. For that, your name will appear on the back cover.

The Finding Hope magazine will help people learn about suicidality. As people learn, they will become aware of how many of their neighbors, friends, and family members may be on the verge of a crisis and build the confidence to change that scenario.

It takes a community that cares. Show the community that you care. Learn more and donate at

Gordon Clay" class="auto" target="_blank">class="s1">

Trump is no Washington

Trump? George Washington? Oh, good gracious, as Gramma would say.

The Trump cult has always haunted the outer fringes of reality, but the letter ranking this pathological liar with the famously honest First President must be from another planet. Those two names in the same sentence? An obscenity. General Washington is spinning in his tomb.

Regarding other claims in the letter, the false Trump narrative of the Mueller report, led by his mouthpiece attorney general, has utterly collapsed. Mueller exonerated Trump of exactly nothing, citing 10 distinct attempts to block the investigation — including trying to fire Mueller.

Even Judge Andrew Napolitano, Trump’s fiercely partisan legal defender at Fox News, accepted the truth. “Mueller laid out at least a half-dozen crimes of obstruction committed by Trump,” Napolitano wrote. “Ordering obstruction to save himself from the consequences of his own behavior is unlawful, defenseless and condemnable.”

As for the robotic no-collusion claims, Napolitano characterized the case more accurately: “…notwithstanding 127 confirmed communications between the campaign and Russians from July 2015 to November 2016 (Trump said there were none), the government could not prove the existence of a conspiracy.”

Mueller also destroyed the Trumpian conspiracy tropes about the “fake” dossier (barely mentioned in the report) by proving the FBI started investigating four months before it appeared. And nothing in the dossier has proved false. The FBI are criminals? Hah! Nice try.

But enough boring truths, I gotta get back to that bizarre association of Orange Donald to the Father of Our Country. Legend says Washington could not lie about chopping down the cherry tree. Trump would have stood there waving the ax and dribbling cherry juice down his chin while blaming Obama, Muslims, immigrants and 17 Angry Democrats.

The one parallel is the fake hair coloring. What Washington powdered, Trump bleaches. Badly.

Mike Gaynes


Get over it

Listening to Mazie Hirono, I can only believe that she must have fallen off her surfboard, or at least hit in the head by a few coconuts. Obviously, her primary purpose was to be as obnoxious as possible to express her true self; opposed to true facts.

The hateful and argumentative behavior she displayed while attacking Attorney General (William) Barr was rude and disruptive. After this barrage, she was finally interrupted by Chairman (Lindsey) Graham and essentially told to shut up and (she was) out of order.

Is this how she runs things for Hawaii? I feel sorry for the Hawaiian people and hope she is out of office soon.

Sharon Henry

Gold Beach

Lethal drug dangers

On April 22, the Oregon House of Representatives passed House Bill 2217 down party lines, 37-21. House Bill 2217 will increase the number of ways lethal drugs can be administered in physician-assisted suicide, including intravenously, via injection or through a gas mask. They passed this knowing that Oregon has a problem with elder abuse already and knowing that House Bill 2217 places vulnerable Oregonians in even greater danger.

There is already no safety net in the law ensuring lethal drugs are taken voluntarily. See the DHS Adult Protection Services’ Aging and Disability 2017 Report regarding abuse.

The Democrat-run House voted to make it even easier for lethal drugs to be administered to vulnerable patients with no oversight. Where there was a loophole, there can now be a highway leading Oregonians straight to euthanasia. This was nothing short of a dereliction of duty and reckless disregard for human life.

Three representatives delivered three letters of opposition to every representative: one signed by a coalition of organizations, one by 34 medical professionals, and one by Dr. Richard Doerflinger, an expert on bioethics. The House of Representatives were educated when they made this vote. They knew the risks for their constituents and still voted in favor of this dangerous piece of legislation.

Mother Theresa of Calcutta said, “And if we can accept that a mother can kill her own child, how can we tell other people not to kill one another?”

Eva Klaas


Trump’s Taxes

Hey China! If your listening, can you get Donald Trump’s Taxes.

Susan Zinie