Presidential coup

America has survived its first presidential coup. And to the horror of the left, Trump fought back every step of the way. Muller’s two-year investigation has cleared an innocent man and his campaign of doing nothing more than aggressively fighting false accusations. Now we must uncover the most egregious criminal behavior in the history of the DOJ and FBI.

The special counsel investigation only began because Hillary Clinton’s campaign created the fake dossier and Comey, McCabe, Strozk, Page and the Ors promoted what they knew was a phony Russian narrative. It’s also likely the FISA Court judges may have been complicit for not ensuring the validity of the facts presented to secure surveillance authority on an active campaign… four times. If true, they must be exposed and disbarred.

Democratic officials who continue to promote collusion and obstruction claims after Muller’s report must be held accountable. Their constant misleading statements are an embarrassment to their office and to our democracy. They are intentionally dividing our country for political benefit and must cease and desist.

The mainstream media and their miserable anti-Trump bloviators must also pay a price for reporting and promoting unverified, false and misleading garbage. They too are causing incomprehensible division within our country and must be shunned.

Meanwhile under excruciating pressure and an unrelenting spew of false accusations, Trump has invigorated our economy, added six million jobs, rebuilt our military and reasserted American exceptionalism on the world stage. Under a tsunami of accusations and threats, Trump has accomplished more in two years than we have seen in decades.

Not only is Trump an effective leader, he has demonstrated more grit and perseverance than we have seen since George Washington. Now is the time for all Americans to discard the years of hateful rhetoric and unite behind President Trump.

Dee Tyson


For The Transient Lodging Tax, But voting No

Our RV Parks have filled up with full-time RV living and our business has experienced first hand the negative effect that this has had on our ecomony.

We have had many returning visitors every year tell us that they are not coming back because they can’t get into the RV parks because they are now full of people living year round. RV clubs that used to come here and reserve multiple spaces together are told that the spaces are no longer available.

If we are going to allow this, the least we can do is collect from the full-time RV’ers this tax also. They do not pay any property tax to live here, yet the use our services, drive on our roads, etc.

They are not on any population or tax counting. A majority of them are fire and safety hazards that would not be allowed if fire marshals and building inspectors took the time to look at them. Some have structures built on to them, have added items that are way over-rated for their electrical system and most are not even registered with the DMV.

It’s time everyone starts paying their fair share.

Harold Bailey


Supportive of Court Boice

Dear Commissioner Boice,

We stand with you in principle on this issue. We like the Josephine County version. We are very supportive of 95 percent of your solid and well-conceived argument. Your work on this demonstrates focus, leadership and commitment.

We appreciate your attention to detail regarding this and many other matters. It takes a darn good argument to keep the conversation going long enough to get to the nitty-gritty. Thank you for helping Curry County see the big picture and the devil in the details.

This is a critical time and a critical decision to support the Second Amendment. You’re 100 percent on target. Glad to be a part of the open process that decides how best to do that. We agree that the state is another place where we must fight this battle. We have noticed bad legislation and policies in a number of other areas at the state level, too. So, a supermajority is of concern here.

We’d support SASO if some of the language were fixed, if there is a look at risk and liability and work done at the state level. One concern is the state over-riding a local ordinance. We also know that the state is beginning to encroach on the rights of gun owners.

Most of all, one of your best attributes is your devout commitment to the public safety of Curry County citizens. We appreciate your level of commitment. Your gift of communicating with citizens ultimately brings citizens together for a greater good and, therefore, we stand with you on principle. We see, also, the sheriff’s conundrum. We note, again, the state is the problem.

It’s hard not to conclude that the battleground is in Salem where the problem also needs to be addressed.

Can’t thank you enough, Court, for making us take a hard look and not gloss over the important topics. We have had a lively conversation in our own household until after 3 a.m. Good mental workout. Thank you, Commissioner Boice.

Skip and Connie Hunter


“Board To Tackle Gun Ordinance.” Oh. . . joy.

As if it weren’t bad enough: we used to have a “constitutional sheriff” who apparently felt himself to be a member of the Supreme Court of the United States with the ability to decide which laws he would not enforce because he felt that they were unconstitutional. He, at least, had some legal training to ignore.

Now, we have county commissioners with zero training in constitutional law, who have decided that they are a constitutional convention of three. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, children, but three commissioners in a very minor county of a second-tier state do not have the authority to amend the Second Amendment or overrule the Supreme Court.

And to those readers who are bound to whine about sanctuary cities doing the same thing — they’re not. Those cities are saying that they won’t use their resources to do the job that the federal government is specifically empowered to do. I would suggest that our commissioners follow that precedent.

Then, again, since they didn’t laugh this idea out of the meeting where it was proposed, I doubt that they will.

Michael R. Pitts-Campbell