Darwin failed

Darwin’s book, “Origin of Species” failed to establish the origin of species. Natural selection could possibly select between two species, but could never originate life. The First Law of Thermodynamics is the law of conservation of energy. In physics, energy cannot be created or destroyed. The universe could not create itself.

The Second Law of Thermodynamics is the principle of entropy, energy available for useful work tends to decrease. Organized complexity of structures tends to become disorganized. Evolution is in conflict with entropy. It is argued the sun supplies the earth with enough energy to offset the loss of energy due to entropy. However, energy alone cannot increase complexity. A mechanism is required to transform energy into complexity. Evolution must explain the origin of optically pure isomers required for life. There is no entropy gradient between the levo (left oriented) and dextro (right oriented) isomers. Living cells need information or design. Unassisted organic chemistry is not capable of separating isomers into the optical purity required for life, without programmed information stored in DNA.

Some argue entropy does not apply to living systems, because seeds grow into trees. However, growth is an outworking of the structure of the germ cell, with encoded information necessary to assimilate incoming chemicals and gradually build upon itself a structure like the parent organism. This is not increasing complexity contrary to entropy. Evolutionists cannot show the origin of the first parent. There are no known examples of a mutation adding complexity or one species transforming to another species, only variations within species.

Public schools in Brookings are promoting pseudo science, nihilism, and same sex marriage. Brookings will be judged or God will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.

Steve Johnston


What is a good tax?

On the next ballot in May we are being ask to look at adding a new transient room tax to collect a fee of 7 percent in the county from visitors staying at our motels, RV parks, bed and breakfast, vacation rentals or campground areas for 30 days or less.

Based on 2018 totals, this would bring in over $900,000 from tourism. Unless you stay at these places you do not pay this fee. If you stay at any of these types of places when you travel outside of Curry County, you do pay this fee just about everywhere in the U.S. If you rent a space in an RV park for the summer or all year you do not pay this fee.

All of our cities in the county currently collect a similar fee already and this will not affect them; only the unincorporated areas like Harbor, Nesika Beach, Langlois, Pistol River.

What will this fee do for Curry County? It is planned that 25 percent of the collected fee will go to add new sheriff’s road deputies that we all can agree we need to cover our county and aid our visitors. About 35 percent is planned to go to help pay for tourist-related activities, festivals, events and tourism related facilities that will help bring additional visitors to our county and give us more to enjoy.

Any tourism-related group can make a request for some of these funds to help pay to do these activities or events in the county.

The remaining 35 percent is planned to add to and improve tourism related facilities that provide for larger groups or conventions like the Event Center. What does the county government get out of this fee, 5 percent to cover the cost of collection and disbursement. This will be one tax that all of Curry County will benefit from but that we will not be paying for, or a good tax.

Please vote YES on 8-97 to add jobs, improve our economy and protect our county.

David Hoenie


Caps for Kids

I would like to thank everyone who knit, crocheted and worked on a loom. They worked so hard in 2018 to provide Curry County with such beautiful caps and scarfs. We also make larger caps and scarves for our senior citizens.

In the last four years, Caps for Kids has donated 4,000 items in the Brookings-Harbor area. I also would like to thank everyone who donated yarn so that we can continue to make our items, to keep everyone warm.

Pat yourselves on the back for all the hours you have spent on these projects.

We are looking for more helpers. I can provide knitting needles, crochet hooks and yarn. If you need to reach me, you can contact me through the newspaper.

Yvette Mostachetti

Curry County coordinator

Boy scout camp cards

On April 18 the Boy Scouts of Troop 32 were at Bi-Mart selling camp cards. The purpose of this sale was to raise money to help pay for the scouts to go to summer camp.

The cards cost $5 and are good for discounts at Bi-Mart, Safeway, Big 5, McKays and other stores. With the discounts you would more than get back the cost of the card. We would like to thank all of you who bought or made donations to this cause.

We are also recruiting boys and girls to join our scout troop. Please call 541-251-6736 or 541-469-8939 for more information. Lastly, we would like to thank Bi-Mart for their support.

Larry Newton