State License is a privilege Not right

If anyone asks a judge or law enforcement officer about the state driver licenses, they will tell you that they are a privilege, not a right. After Oregonians voted 66 percent to 34 percent not to give undocumented immigrants driver licenses, Salem is thinking to disregard the people’s vote.

Driver licenses are a major form of ID for a variety of services: opening a bank account, buying an airplane ticket, registering to vote and a considerable amount of other services. It is a state law that illegal immigrants are not eligible for a drivers license. The bureaucrats in Salem don’t seem concerned about the law. The Daily Courier stated that an illegal immigrant (Mariana Alvarez) prays every time she leaves her house that she will be able to return to her three children. She hopes she isn’t stopped going to and from work. First off, she shouldn’t be here in the first place, let alone having a state document of ID.

The U.S. Census Bureau Center for Immigration Studies shows that illegal immigration households receive $6,234 of welfare per year when U.S. citizen households receive $4,431 per year. Why does my tax money go to households that should not even be in America? I am writing my “State Reprehensive” to tell them to uphold our laws and our vote.

Andrew T. Ragan


Transient lodging tax needs attention

The Transient Lodging Tax that will appear on your May ballot, along with two other confusing tax measures, deserve your attention and consideration.

This is neither a tax on Curry County residents nor a tax to house homeless people. It is what used to be known as a bed tax and will be paid by visitors who stay in motels or vacation rentals in Curry County. Our cities already charge such a tax; this will level the field and help our cash-strapped county.

A percentage of the money collected will help fund much needed repairs at the fairgrounds (no county money received there since the early 90s), sheriff’s deputies and many other community needs.

Remember, you benefit from this tax but don’t pay it. What’s not to like?

Tim Scullen

Gold Beach

No Investigative Journalism at CNN

Jeff Zucker of CNN made an amazing admission when he said they do not do investigative journalism. No kidding, Sherlock. News outlets like CNN and MSNBC only exist these days to shoot off their pie holes 24 hours a day in their pathetic pursuit to take down Donald Trump.

We are told we have to ignore the Russia Today channel because it is sponsored by a foreign government. Huh? I guess nobody has ever heard of channels like Univision and Al-Jazeera.

The Russia Today channel is so dangerous because they have TV hosts like Rick Sanchez and Larry King. By the way, it would be impossible to find a bigger cheerleader for Obama than Larry King.

Calling CNN a news channel would be about as ridiculous as Barbara Streisand starting up a daycare center so she can pay tribute to Michael Jackson.

Joe Thomas