Born Alive Bill

The Democrats in the Senate along with a few Republicans just voted the Born Alive bill down. Now it’s legal to kill a baby just before delivery or even sometime after.

Just how long does a mother have after delivery before she can decide to have her child killed? A minute? An hour? A day? A month? Years? Half the children in this country would not survive their teenage years if the Democrats say the mother can wait that long to decide on their life or death. Don’t laugh. It’s coming.

The current law says the mother, along with her physicians, can “discuss” the life or death situation. If the physicians want to save the infant can they override the mothers wish? No.

If the mother wants the infant aborted the physician will either induce labor or perform a surgery called a dilation and evacuation, in which the cervix is dilated and the fetus is removed in pieces. They use a hook, yank real hard, and maybe they get a leg or an arm the first time. Then go back in and fish out another body part. Maybe another arm. Maybe a leg. Maybe the torso. Maybe the head.

Think the baby feels no pain? Naw.

Late term abortions like this used to be illegal. Now the Democrats say it’s just fine. There, there everybody. It’s just fine. They want the women’s vote. They want the liberal vote. Infants don’t vote.

The senators should have known what they voted for. They should have been forced to watch several abortions before they got to vote. Like everything Congress does, they vote oblivious to the consequences.

Get on YouTube and watch a late-term abortion… if you can. Then tell yourself “Yeah, I want to live in a place where they do that”.

Well, now you do.

Ken Cameron

Gold Beach

County Agenda

The Pilot's reporter in the Feb. 23 paper had the challenging job of deciphering the county commissioners' actions on Feb. 20 regarding two extremely confusing items introduced sequentially by Commissioner Court Boice as agenda items 6C and 6D. Both sought to adopt, verbatim, actions said to have been taken previously by Jackson County Commissioners. These were incorrectly reported in the paper as one item and as failing to be approved by our commissioners on Feb 20.

I was quoted as arguing against the proposed resolution. My statements asking for an explanation of the resolution were reported accurately, however, they were attributed to the wrong resolution.

I argued against item 6C, which was written by Jackson County so incoherently that it was impossible to decipher what it said or meant, with phrases requiring our county to do such things as "actively cooperate in circumstances in which Coordination is not applicable." I requested that the measure be explained but no explanation was forthcoming and the Commissioners proceeded to vote against the resolution, 2-1, with the intent to bring it up again at a future meeting.

The other agenda item, 6D, is the one that the Pilot reported as dealing with lightning-caused fires and controlled burns set by the Forest Service. Contrary to the Pilot's report, I made no comment on this resolution, and it passed without relevant explanation or discussion by a 2-1 vote.

Given the confusing nature of these two resolutions, that they were back-to-back on the agenda, and that neither was ever explained in coherent terms, it's no wonder that the Pilot's reporter mistakenly conflated the two actions into one. The reporter is not alone. I don't think anyone understood why Jackson County's measure 6C was recommended or what it meant.

Tim Palmer

Port Orford

The letter in Saturday’s Pilot is a perfect example of conservatives hypocritically wailing about persecution while ignoring what’s truly wrong in this country.

This sniveling president slanders our armed forces, intelligence services and justice system while bootlicking our enemies before the world. Conservatives are silent.

He publicly insults the director of national intelligence, the CIA and the FBI for telling him that Russia sabotaged our election, that North Korea is still a nuclear threat, that Iran is complying with the nuclear deal. He believes whatever Putin and Kim tell him. Conservatives are silent.

He derides our top military experts for telling him that ISIS is still a threat in the Middle East. He lies that ISIS is instead a threat at the Mexican border. Conservatives are silent.

One FBI agent tells Business Insider, "He's doing the enemy's job for them" in endangering America’s security. Terrorism expert Glenn Carle says, “There's never been a man in the Oval Office who has zero regard for the truth." Conservatives are silent.

He relentlessly attacks our court system, attempting to de-legitimize federal judges with personal and racial insults. Conservatives are silent.

He attacks the free press as the “enemy of the people” — employing the exact words used by Lenin and Stalin to justify mass executions. Conservatives are silent.

A Trump-worshipping domestic terrorist sends bombs to Democrats. A Trump-worshipping Coast Guard officer plans mass killings of journalists. Conservatives are silent.

So who finally inspires conservatives to speak out? Professional snake-in-the-grass Roger Stone. The latest in the long line of Trump toadies-turned-criminals is charged with seven felonies — and conservatives whimper that the FBI used too many agents to arrest him. Awww.

Once upon a time, principled conservatives stood strong for an honorable, courageous America. Now they wallow in the rank cowardice of Trumpism. It's pathetic.

Mike Gaynes


Pro-Choice advocates push for the right to allow defective babies to die after birth through removal of care. Recently New York’s legislative body gave a standing ovation when a bill was passed removing requirements that infants born during abortion procedures receive legal protection as persons. Several other states are considering similar bills.

The first century Jewish historian Josephus wrote that the Mosaic law forbids abortions. The Didache, a first century Christian treatise states, “Thou shall not murder a child by abortion, nor kill him when born.”

Life was either created or evolved from non-living matter by accident, there is no third choice. Materialistic evolution is a non starter because it cannot explain its own existence. Without God, truth has no meaning. Reality based upon material or energy shaped by chance is statistically certain to end up in tyranny and moral decline. Naturalism erases all transcend moral and ethical accountability and abandons all hope for humanity. Having rejected the God revealed in scripture the modern mind has no grounds for holding to any ethical standard, and no justification for regarding human life.

Logic suggests every watch has a watchmaker. One only has to contemplate the magnitude of the task to determine that spontaneous generation of a living organism by chance is impossible. Chance is not a force. Nihilism is a belief everything is entirely without meaning, without logic or reason. Objective moral values exist only if God exists. Objective moral values exist, therefore God exists. A relativist is a sociopath, one with no conscience. Decline in morals in the US has been caused by a change in worldview from one based upon Christian values, to a worldview with final reality based upon chance. Will Durant said, “There is no significant example in history of a society successfully maintaining moral life without the aid of religion. The U.S. is in moral decline, and we need to repent, or face judgment. Believers need to pray Amy Coney Barrett replaces Ruth Ginsburg on the Supreme Court.

Steve Johnston


One of my favorite items in this newspaper has always been the rain totals from October to October. I am missing these last numbers as they represent bragging rights to amaze all my friends in other states. Please reinstate this information for us.

Suellen Jones Hintz