Preaching socialism

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. This woman is a real piece of work. She did a stint in college, worked in teaching, financial expertise, bartending and finally found her niche in politics.

Firstly, she is preaching socialism but has never been to Venezuela or any other socialist country to understand how it really works. And her plans of taxing all those millionaire/billionaires… wonder how they feel about that?

She wants to ward off World War III by taxing cows flatulence; guess she has a way to stop volcanoes erupting 24-7 around this planet and don’t forget our oceans that also have emissions and gas guzzling vehicles, planes. Of course, taxis and ubers, which by the way she has spent around $5,000 to get around D.C. Maybe she should walk. Put her feet where her mouth is.

With her new income of $170,000-plus she now complains about rent. Some $2,500. a month for some “seedy” little studio apartment I’m sure.

How long will it take for auto companies to build plastic cars; oops you need petroleum for that. Hey Cortez, those tubes your lipstick come in… gone. Need I digress… this world cannot and, firstly, will not give up those uncountable products we all use daily.

AOC, stop and think, why are these people fleeing their own homeland? Certainly not because they have a caring and tolerant government.

Sharon Henry

Gold Beach

Robert Mueller

Thank God we have Robert Mueller and 29 FBI agents to keep us safe from Roger Stone. Barney Fife and Frank Drebin of “Police Squad” would be so proud.

Joe Thomas


reply to boice

Re: Court Boice’s Public Forum in the Jan. 23 Pilot, “Forests in jeopardy.”

His solution No. 2 states basically: increase herbivores by killing, “reducing,” cougars by one-half their population and not allowing wolves on the west side of the Cascades. Also insinuating killing them.

This idea is absurd and very dangerous to the whole environment. It is ridiculous to even consider in thought let alone introduce it in a Public Forum through the Pilot.

Boice, this is my response to you: What about the hundreds if not thousands of deer and elk slaughtered each year by hunters? The deer and elk do clean the forests. They work for us.

Killing our neighbors, the animals, is not a solution. Love your neighbor.

Also, you make yourself look ignorant in the public view by blaming and bashing the environmentalists. Wake up and come up with real solutions.

Scott Kortum