Sponsoring children

For 15 years my wife and I have sponsored children from around the world. Children in Bangladesh, Louisiana, South America and St Jude’s Children’s Hospital. These donations and programs provide food, shelter, medicine and education. We’re proud to help these people in need and we enjoy receiving pictures of them and seeing how happy and well they are doing in their programs.

It sickens me that unborn aborted babies are denied life and happiness when there is so much help available. How can a woman morally deny an unborn child life? I live to see the day when these barbaric killings are outlawed. To me abortion is premeditated murder. Now they even want to allow abortions up to the moment of birth.

The fact is that many women regret having had an abortion. Does it make any sense that some people who want open borders are the same people who support abortions? In other words, it seems the left cares more about protecting and supporting illegal aliens, their children and some criminals than protecting the lives of innocent unborn babies. That sounds like hypocrisy to me.

Unborn lives matter.

Lou Costa


Commissioners too Expensive For County

I appreciate that these two gentleman have stepped up to the plate to take on Curry County’s (CC) financial problems. However, knowing Curry County’s financial situation and requesting paychecks we cannot afford is very disheartening.

Their love of our county is obviously not what they truly had in mind. I praise Sue Gold for her commitment to her promise but should these two get their wish I believe Gold should also be included. She can do what she wants with the money but I feel she will soon learn she is going to earn every penny of it with these two.

Last, to add to the gluten of self serving, (Court) Boice has the nerve to ask for backpay, and wants to be reimbursed for travel expenses he insisted on doing for the good of the people. Ha. So much for being a self-sacrificing servant of the people.

Oh, and don’t forget this is a man that already is looking to run off and become a congressman. I wonder how much that is going to cost us? Tell the budget committee to just say no. Take it or leave it.

S. Osborne