Shame on America

Listening to the policy of the Democrats this morning, I again listen to their concern for children who are sick, dying, perhaps a victim of a trafficker, to come to America only to find our borders closed. Shame on America? Why? Because we want borders? (Nancy’s vineyard has a fence). Shame. Shame. How dare we let children… babies die… cold blooded. After all, all they want is to have a better life.

Yet the first… perhaps the very first funding proposed by Nancy Pelosi as speaker… is to send money to other countries for abortion. Don’t these unborn children count in her eyes? Is she racist or is it enabling women’s rights to kill little lives that will never be given that chance, to have a better life.

Sick of it all. No wonder people aren’t happy, turn to the drugs (smuggled into America via South America). Any form of narcotism to escape the madness.

Bet the people who work in Nancy’s St. Helena vineyard didn’t go to Hawaii for Christmas. Doubt if she cared.

One more letter to the editor that probably won’t get published.

Sharon Henry

Gold Beach

Read the paper

I see the Pilot has raised its single copy price. I’m not surprised with the ever increasing price of paper and ink. Since 2006 American newspapers witnessed one of the sharpest declines in recent history. This trend has continued to 2014 with papers losing about 60 percent of their advertising revenue and the loss of 30,000 jobs for reporters. Competition from the internet and TV cable news has probably contributed to this.

Is this good for a democracy? When you bought and read the complete newspaper, as you browsed your way to the sports pages, maybe you read that your politicians had raised taxes or padded their expense accounts. Will the day come when the names of Horace Greeley and William Allen White are confused with football and baseball players?

Joe Willett


shutdown alive

It is possible the House and Senate can send a bill to Trump ending the shutdown, but Trump would not sign it. It takes a two-thirds majority of both houses to override Trumps veto. We can be pretty sure that even if a majority of the Senate voted for the bill, they cannot get a two-thirds majority to vote for the override.

Although the Democrats have a majority in the House, they do not have a two-thirds majority. So, again it is the Republicans that are essentially keeping the shutdown alive and have not given Trump the funding for his wall.

John Bischoff


Need truancy officer

The Brookings-Harbor School District would be better off hiring a truancy officer rather than a armed resource officer. Brookings students, on average, have appalling scores on standardized educational testing. This is due in part to high rates of truancy.

Under Oregon’s Compulsory Education laws, kids are required to attend school regularly until they are 18 years old or receive a diploma. To meet federal standards, a student must have a 92 percent attendance record.

With the assistance of the truancy officer, the offending student and their parents will face a judge charged with assuring the student attend school.

Michael A. Sommer II

Smith River