Whitewash job

Jane Stebbins reporting of the Dec. 4 VA town hall meeting was very one sided. Nothing was written about the shortcomings brought up at the meeting by veterans. It seems to some of us veterans to be a whitewash job. The failure of the Roseburg VA to provide lung cancer screening to veterans and VA Director (David) Whitmer’s promise to do so, repeated again at this town hall was not mentioned. Also not mentioned was Whitmer’s town hall promise to allow Veterans to have MRIs performed locally on a state of the art machine at Curry Medical Center rather than have to drive to the VA Roseburg to have these studies performed on outdated equipment.

Whitmer disrespected/attacked one veterans advocate at the town hall and totally ignored a Vietnam veteran’s wife’s pleas for help with medical bills the VA was not paying and had been sent to collection while her husband was receiving hospice care at home. Total disrespect.

Stebbins again has demonstrated her under-reporting of issues important to veterans raised at these town hall meetings.

Glenn Turner

Crescent City

Fishing is problem

Again we have an example of the government trying to micro manage a natural resource.

Seals have been eating salmon for thousands of years. It is only because we have allow the salmon to be fished to the point that the seals can make a difference that they are a danger.

We have fished the salmon to endangered status and now we must kill seals to protect salmon. When will it stop and what must we kill to keep the seals from going extent once we have nearly wiped them out? Don’t get me wrong I love a good salmon steak but am willing to sacrifice a salmon meal if we stop fishing them for a few years.

John Bischoff