Not town failure

I disagree that homelessness is the result of community failure.

I stopped by the library Sunday and spoke with two of the homeless camped there. The gentleman and his wife had just arrived in Brookings from California where he said he had lost his job as the reason for their homelessness.

I helped two homeless people (whom I deemed to be trustworthy) this summer by letting them stay with me. They were travelers who had been camping on Mount Shasta and worked in the local restaurants there before smoke from the fires drove them from Shasta to Brookings. They both worked at local restaurants here during their stay as well as pitched in doing chores around my house before moving on to Seattle.

I don’t know who organized this campout at the library to bring attention to the homelessness in Brookings. In some cases, homelessness is a choice.

When I was living in Illinois, there was a program called PADS (Public Action to Deliver Shelter). In my community, local churches would take turns hosting a different night of the week to give people a hand up. A warm place to stay was provided with an evening meal and a sack lunch was given out the next day. Those who showed up drunk or admittedly high on drugs were not allowed.

To blame homelessness on a failure of the community is the equivalent of blaming pencils for misspelled words or spoons for making people fat and cars for making people drive drunk.

Mike Berns


Neutral position

The Tribal Council of the Tolowa Dee-ni’ Nation has been made aware of comments and opinions presented by a tribal member of the Tolowa Dee-ni’ Nation at a recent Brookings/Harbor Port Commission meeting.

The Tolowa Dee-ni’ Nation, would like to go on record to note that those opinions and statements were not reviewed, approved or presented with knowledge of the tribal council. As an official representative of the tribe, I want to be clear that those opinions expressed were made by an individual in accordance with his U.S. Constitutional First Amendment rights, not on behalf of the Tolowa Dee-ni’ Nation.

To the Brookings/Harbor community, we sincerely regret that this individual’s statements have apparently caused misunderstandings between the interested members engaged in discussion on Brookings/Harbor Port issues. The Tolowa Dee-ni’ Nation currently maintains a neutral position on all port business, and apologize if one member’s comments have caused confusion.

Briannon Fraley

Smith River

They’re vagrants

Oct. 31 issue, “Camper wants to establish rules.” I read the article and had to put it down for a couple days and then reread it.

I have some questions: Who established this council, decided who was to participate? Members of the group are a homeless woman (vagrant), a priest (who is following his heart and calling), a homeless advocate counselor (of course pro vagrant), a politician and two political candidates (politically motivated?).

Basically, I read the vagrant wants more freebies, and better treatment for her fellow vagrants while squatting on public property. It seems like most of our politicians and are fearful someone will sue them if they take any steps to protect the tax paying citizens of the city, and stop the squatters from ruining the area.

The productive citizens of Brookings/Harbor are offended by the trash strewing, sometimes vulgar (urinating/defecating on public property) parasites. I’m not without compassion, but due to my past experience with homeless men, most of the measures taken here in this area are just enabling the homeless to continue lifestyle (free food, free clothing, begging money, allowed to camp wherever they choose).

They are just given handouts vs. a hand up. It’s almost as it the vagrants are holding Brookings/Harbor hostage.

Michael Isaac


Time to make caps

Here we are another year has almost gone by. This letter is a reminder that Brookings and Harbor knitters and crocheters can drop off their finished items at the Chetco Activity Center. A container will be provided from Nov. 9 and will be picked up on Dec. 7.

This container is for caps and any unused yarn. These caps will keep your head and ears warm.

Yvette Mostachetti



The preamble of the Constitution says it is the job of our government to ensure domestic tranquility. How can you do that when you allow idiots to burn our flag, which stands for everything we believe in.

This is the action of activist courts such as the 9th Circuit in San Francisco.

These people are destroying our country. Their latest outrage is saying the homeless can stay on public property.

I’d like to inform you of an incident experienced as a result of this insanity. I rode the bus to Grocery Outlet one day and while waiting for the bus to return, I saw an individual whose head was covered with fake blood being a menace and yelling at people as they came out of the store. When he came over and started going off on me, I told him to take a hike and leave me alone.

He wanted to fight. I got up and he swung at me as I went by him to go into the store and tell them they needed to call the police.

When the cops got there, one cop, a state officer, asked me what he said as I just wanted this idiot to leave me alone and did not listen to him. The cop said he had the same right to ride the bus as I did and when the store manager offered to ride me, the cop said he would take me home so I did not have to ride with this guy. He searched me for weapons, separated me from my stuff by putting it in the trunk.

As we left the parking area, I noticed the bus arrived and apparently did not succumb to the 9th Circuit Court’s tyranny and refused to submit by not allowing this troublemaker on the bus.

I don’t blame the cop as he has to do his job as the Democrat rules dictate. I’d vote Republican under Trump if you want to put a stop to this kind of nonsense. I hope the extremist do-gooders are paying attention. What goes around comes around.

By the way, my donated boat with the veterans will be a four-foot sleek radio-controlled yacht I call “Viking Explorer.”

Arthur Larason


Fuzzy logic

Half of Donald Trump’s family is Jewish and the Nazi who killed 11 people at the Pittsburgh synagogue hates the president because he is pro-Israel.

According to the fuzzy logic of the Never Trumper media, that means Trump is the one to blame for all of this. You can lead a Never Trumper and a Democrat Party donkey to the water but at the end of the day, you still have a jackass.

Joe Thomas