Sharing GOD’S love

I am writing in response to a letter to the editor posted in the Oct. 10 issue. The letter stated that Dreams, Hope and Faith Foundation (DHF), looks more like a ministry than a charity and that the website ( is not up to date.

My husband has worked hard to financially support DHF, as donations don’t meet the bills. My top priority has been to keep the ranch going to create a place where I can show love to children and families and introduce them to animals and riding.

Yes, I give all of the credit to my amazing Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I believe that God has blessed us so that I can share the love that God has for all of us. So you see, I have nothing to give that wasn’t already given to me. So I guess that you can say that DHF is a ministry but it is very sad that someone would seek to belittle something that they do not know anything about.

So why is the website not up to date? I work hard taking care of the horses, ranch maintenance, and working with the children. With social media, we felt it was sufficient until we could find another qualified person to work on the website.

Chris and I do not receive any monetary salary from donations to DHF for our work or use of the ranch. The letter writer comments about DHF and lies about my husband’s “retirement on Wall Street” are misleading and deeply hurtful.

I don’t understand why someone would trash something that is doing good in order to sway voters to who they like. If a person would sink to that level, it makes me question the candidate they are supporting.

Bonnie Paasch

Gold Beach

Deny votes

Time to rally the silent majority, women that is:

Have Trump’s 5,264 lies gotten you down? Does it alarm you that the Supreme Court is packed with Republican men who are hell-bent on overturning Roe vs. Wade?

Do you worry that our young men are learning to be perverts like Trump?

Does it disgust you that lying and cheating have become patriotic as long as it gets you what you want?

Then, you’re not alone, 60 percent of your fellow Americans are with you. So, don’t give up.

We must not allow a well organized minority to turn America into a place where women are objects, God is a Southern Baptist, black people are dangerous and gay people are evil.

Please ladies, it’s up to you, save us from our Porno President by denying all of his Republican stooges your votes.

Larry Schelter

Gold Beach

Support Pieper

Mayor Jake Pieper deserves our support for re-election. He and his wife are a hard-working, long-time local family raising four children here in our little corner of paradise.

If you know Pieper, you understand he has a common-sense leadership style and is an engaged listener. His desire is to effectively serve local residents and taxpayers, with a watchful eye on the budget. During his tenure as mayor, Pieper has stood up to those who want to impose an activist political agenda upon the rest of us. Pieper endorses the free-market and welcomes new businesses to Brookings, without burdensome regulations that other cities adopt.

When conflict arises, Pieper has been a steady hand in Brookings, avoiding the partisan dysfunction we are seeing in the state and federal governments. Pieper embraces the conservative, small-town values that make our community so attractive to visitors and residents alike. As a city, we are blessed to have him here.

Edward Schreiber


Elect these three

Vote for good governance. I will vote for Teresa Lawson and Dennis Triglia for Brookings mayor and councilor and Jeri Lynn Thompson for Curry County commissioner due to the way they approach issues that beset our community with an eye to solve problems in the manner that best serves the people.

They are prepared to listen and even change their minds when the facts support another viewpoint. They will work for all of us whether we voted for them or not. Lawson, Triglia and Thompson are part of the community in every way; they work every day to make the place they live a better place for all.

Lawson became involved in many areas as soon as she moved here; including Friends of Music and Azalea Park Foundation. She steps up to do what needs to be done and has the fiscal background needed to be cost effective with our dollars.

Triglia has brought science and biology to our students with the butterfly garden. He does deep research on all issues brought before the Brookings City Council and is always willing to go the extra mile to do due diligence on all aspects of a problem in search of reaching a solution.

Thompson has years of experience dealing with state, federal, county (in both Oregon and California) and tribal governments. She has served on many committees and boards and has good ideas for forestry management to make us more fire safe.

Please join me in voting for these three great candidates — Lawson, Triglia and Thompson this Nov. 6.

Debra Worth


Good job, Christy

Many people volunteer their time and talents to benefit the Brookings Harbor Community Theater, and today the BHCT board would like to spotlight one in particular: Christy Dolan.

Christy, a concert pianist who lives in Brookings, performed a mesmerizing one-hour piano performance on Oct. 14 as a fundraiser for BHCT. It was clear from the first few notes that Christy had spent hours practicing the music and researching the colorful history behind each piece. Her musical talent, and her ability to weave fascinating facts into wonderful stories, created a one-of-a-kind experience for audience members, whose generosity resulted in nearly $1,000 for the theater.

The donations will go toward the renovation of our new building on U.S. 101 in Harbor, which has been underway since June. Our first official show in our new home is Nov. 30, and we hope to see you all there.

The BHCT board of directors is extremely grateful to everyone who has helped us so far in getting our new venue up and running. We are grateful to Dolan for sharing her talent and creating the “Magic of Music.” She is a community treasure and the we are fortunate to have such a wonderful, caring human being in our midst.

Thank you Christy.

BHCT Board of Directors

Best leader

Teresa Lawson is not a politician and never has been. She is a fiscal conservative who is serious and knowledgeable about how citizen tax dollars are spent. She is a moderate who crosses party lines to vote for the strongest candidates, as she recently did by declaring her support for David Brock Smith and Shannon Souza because they will offer the best possible leadership for Curry County.

The current affordable housing crisis is a problem that has evolved over the past 10 years under the watch of the current city government. According to the consultant who conducted the recent Curry Housing Study, Brookings needs to create more workforce housing and low-income housing. The only proposed solution in the past 10 years to this shortage has been a multi-million dollar public subsidy to the Borax/Lone Ranch project. The previous Borax deal that both the current and previous mayors voted for was vague and could have defined $300,000 homes as affordable.

The current council has shown that they have no desire to promote the creation of high-quality rental housing, Accessory Dwelling Units, nor consider waiving or lowering system development charges. These proposed actions were presented to the city council during workshops in May, at which time it expressed no desire to pursue.

The housing study confirms that Lawson is up to date on these critically important issues and understands where the future is headed. We already know that when the workforce can’t find affordable housing, they go elsewhere. Likewise, when corporations and small businesses can’t find employees they, too, go elsewhere. Brookings needs a mayor who is able to see the big picture and that person is Lawson.

Hank Cunningham


Woman to woman

What a sad state of affairs when a woman comes up to me and says, “You are a horrible person.” She even repeated it twice.

I was taken aback and asked, “Who are you?” She introduced herself. Then I remembered her name, and the letter to the editor on Dec. 20, 2017, entitled: Stop The Lies… “Since I was the one who started the group, I can tell you for a fact that Indivisible 97415 ...”

Then everything clicked together. You see, Indivisible Woman, I was a radical environmentalist and was going to give my Kauai home to Nature Conservancy until one day I listened to Stanley Monteith on Radio Liberty. I thought, what a crazy guy, but there was a kernel of truth in what he said. That is when I started researching, “What is the truth?”

Over a period of 23 years, read documents, went to the United Nations meetings, lived in EI Salvador, talked to government officials and spoke to people who worked on the farms. In other words I got out of my comfort zone and searched for the truth. There is a maxim, “The hardest thing to learn, is something you’d rather not know.”

At a workshop on the Blue Zones Project, I questioned (Dennis) Triglia, who wants Brookings a Sanctuary City, on a city council vote and he said he would call the police and have me arrested. Just because I used my First Amendment right.

Just recently my husband and I were accosted outside the Brookings library by members of Indivisible 97415 after KCIW radio hosted a homeless meeting.

From one woman to another ... let’s not be manipulated by emotions. Search for the facts and the truth will make you a free and independent woman.

Jean Soderman


Look out below

The Democratic Party has clearly lost its way. Fractured leadership, backward-looking policies, confused core values, and their frustrations are morphing into inciting violence. Maxine Waters says to harass Trump cabinet members, Hillary Clinton says don’t be civil to conservatives and disgraced Eric Holder tells his minions to kick Republicans. What a sad and dangerous situation.

The confirmation hearings for Judge Brett Kavanagh showed the dirty tactics of the Democrats. Search and destroy with rumor, innuendo or just plain ridiculous accusations. Kavanagh’s reputation has been forever tarnished by the thugs of the judiciary committee. Sen. (Dianne) Feinstein should be censured and forced to step down for her covert and disgusting treatment of Dr. (Christine Blasey) Ford. Unbecoming of a senator, doesn’t come close.

Well their tactics failed, Kavanagh has been seated and will return the Supreme Court to the constitutionalists body that the founders intended. I can’t wait for the confirmation of Trump’s third justice.

Congratulations to Pastor (Andrew) Brunson and to the Trump administration for securing his release. Just another affirmation that Trump’s tough actions equal success. The Saudi’s must answer for the missing journalist, Jamal Khashoggi. But let’s not overreact before an investigation is initiated let alone completed.

The US/South Korea trade deal is done, USMCA, US/Mexico/Canada trade deal done, talking with EU on zero tariffs and Trump is leaning hard on China. Their markets are down 33 percent, the Yuan is at a six-month low and their economy is dramatically slowing. Completing this deal will signal the next huge leg up in our markets.

The Republicans are ready for the mid-terms. The Democrats thought they owned energized, well look out below. With the horrible treatment of Kavanagh, the successful trade negotiations and booming economy, the energy has shifted. Vote.

Dee Tyson


Flaws in theories

This letter is a response to an Oct. 13, Pilot article on man-caused global warming due to fossil fuel energy. The Pilot article had typical progressive talking points with two major false premises. First: Michael Mann’s infamous hockey stick graph alleges the 1990s were the warmest decade in the past 1,000 years. Second: solar and wind powered energy are inexpensive.

First: Mann’s hockey stick graph ignores the Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age. Canadian scientists Stephen McIntyre and Ross McKitrick uncovered a mathematical flaw in the computer program used to produce the hockey stick chart. In addition, elephants and tigers roamed tropical jungles north of the Siberian Arctic in past periods. In the pre-Cambrian period CO2 was 25 times as prevalent as today. CO2 is only a trace element in the atmosphere at .038 percent. The majority of CO2 is produced by natural sources such as volcanoes, animals and release of CO2 from oceans. CO2 levels track global warming, which is caused by sun activity, clouds and ocean currents.

Second: solar and wind energy are great during a hot windy afternoons. The problem is they are unreliable and go dead during windless nights and cloudy days. Fossil fuel generation systems work 24 hours a day. For example, California has moved toward solar and wind energy. California‘s energy costs are twice that of Illinois, which uses nuclear and coal for energy.

Linda Johnston


Not new concept

The concept of global warming and resultant climate change is not new. In the 1850s two scientists independently described how gases can trap heat in the atmosphere and how the concentration would affect the climate.

Since then, scientists have been studying the global warming effect and providing more and more warnings. NASA’s top climate scientist, Dr. James Hansen warned 30 years ago that the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere should not exceed 350 parts per million (ppm) to avoid permanent environmental damage. We are now above 400 ppm.

We are already seeing the massive effects of global warming. Acidification of the ocean is destroying crustaceans and coral reefs. Heating of the ocean and melting of polar ice is raising sea levels. Weather patterns are becoming more extreme with heavy rain, droughts, and more destructive storms. The recent hurricane Michael was much worse because of the heated Gulf water and higher sea levels.

Vector borne diseases are increasing: deer ticks are spreading causing more Lyme disease and malaria carrying mosquitoes are moving north. Forest fires are becoming larger and more numerous. There are 1.3 million dead pine trees in the Sierra Nevada’s because the warm winters do not destroy the bark beetle.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) just issued dire warnings that we have only a dozen years to avoid major environmental disasters and loss of life.

We have only two choices: Work together to solve the climate change problem or accept the horrors that will result and probable warfare to obtain diminishing resources.

I just turned 80 so I doubt if I will see which choice above is selected. However, I hope I will see our politicians campaign and take action on this problem.

Edlin Patterson