I am writing in support of Teresa Lawson for mayor of Brookings. Her community spirit and passion for Brookings are very evident in her organizing of some events and participation in many other local events. She was an enthusiastic volunteer at the Monarch Festival, which was organized by another worthy candidate, Dennis Triglia, for city council. Thank you to both of you for a fun and informative afternoon in the park.

Lawson stands for transparency and financial accountability, for which her experience as an accountant has prepared her well. She is ready to take on the challenges facing us in regard to housing, medical care, and quality infrastructure. Lawson communicates well with people of all ages and backgrounds, and she’s willing to listen to everybody’s concerns. She is intelligent, well-informed, technologically savvy, and eager to take on new challenges.

Lawson is flexible and very capable of helping people reach a consensus. She is level-headed and would be a powerful leader in any crisis. She cares deeply about individuals and about the community as a whole. She would be a fervent and articulate advocate for our city. She has many creative ideas that she would like to bring to fruition in our community.

Brookings would be privileged to have Lawson as mayor.

Kayla García



Circulation of the Curry Coastal Pilot is declining, states the annual Statement of Ownership, published Sept. 19.

While all newspapers suffer declining readership and shrinking circulation because of pressure from other media, the Pilot does more to discourage readers than encourage them.

I have two examples, one that discourages news readers, and one that discourages ad readers.

First, many news stories are too long. Editors should give reporters a limit, like you do for letter writers. If the reporter can’t tell the story in 700 words, or about 20 column inches, he or she should take a part of that story and write a sidebar that helps to illustrate a particular point.

Jumping a main story from Page 1 to an inside page is good. It moves the reader into the newspaper. But when the reader opens to the jump page and finds a sea of gray, with no graphics or other headlines, it’s discouraging, unless readers really are enthused about the topic. You really need more illustrations, photos, pull-out quotes and/or sidebars with your long stories.

Secondly, the Pilot (or perhaps Fred Meyer) has changed the date of the grocery ad inserts, and the store has changed its discount policy. Both are inconvenient for shoppers.

Under the new discount policy, shoppers must buy multiples of the advertised items (instead of just one) to receive a discount. That doesn’t help seniors and low-income shoppers who want or need only one item, and therefore can’t qualify for the discount. And offering “Friday & Saturday Only,” discounts on some items doesn’t help most of us who like to shop before the weekend.

Dean Brickey



This election I will be voting for Chris Paasch for Curry County commissioner. Paasch believes as I do that we have a responsibility to keep our communities and citizens safe from those who would prey upon them.

Paasch is a tireless supporter of our men and women in uniform whether they be in the armed forces, our police departments or our firefighters. Paasch knows that we need men and women out on the lines working for us and he is dedicated to preserving and protecting their ability to support us when we need them.

A vote for Paasch is a vote for our safety, please join me and elect Paasch Curry County commissioner.

Lawrence Hartwell



Folks, there is a very entertaining public health crisis sweeping the nation — a disease called “Whataboutism” that has rampaged through TrumpWorld and the one-third of Americans who support him. The virus causes its victims to reflexively respond to anti-Trump criticism with the words “Hillary” and/or “Obama” — preceded, of course, by some form of “What about ----- ?” It’s a hilarious illness, and unlike with other diseases, it’s perfectly appropriate to laugh out loud at the patient.

According to Merriam-Webster’s “Words at Play” website, Whataboutism originated in the Soviet propaganda machine during the Cold War. The Russians would respond to human rights condemnation by alleging comparable atrocities in America. The contagion undoubtedly spread to TrumpWorld through its recurring, intimate embraces with Russian agents during the 2016 campaign and beyond.

The Trumpian strain of the disease can be identified all over Fox News and talk radio, where defending an indefensible president requires a knee-jerk invocation of the Hillary/Obama mantra within seconds, followed by long-disproven conspiracy hoaxes. Pro-Trump letters to the Pilot generally deploy those elements within the first two paragraphs.

Judging by Trump’s dropping poll numbers, the disease does appear to be curable. The rampant corruption, mind-boggling incompetence and raging bigotry of this administration, combined with the growing flood of Trump cronies pouring into our prison system, can raise sufficient revulsion in some patients to kill the virus.

Best of all, there’s a vaccine for Whataboutism that doesn’t even require a shot. A reasoned, educated mind and a willingness to defend the true American values besmirched by Trump — honor, truth and common decency — confer a lifelong immunity.

Our next medical review will discuss an even more hysterical malady called Trumpian Parrot Disease, in which the symptoms are continual sniveling about Democratic persecution and reflexive squawks of “Fake News! (awwk) Fake News!”

Mike Gaynes



Donald Trump keeps on making noises about attacking Syria and I think it is completely asinine.

It has never been proven that Bashar Al-Assad used chlorine gas or anything like that on the citizens of Syria. Never. This has been pointed out by defenders of Trump like Ann Coulter and Tucker Carlson.

We should not be supporting the so-called rebels in Syria and we should have left that country a long time ago. Supporting a bunch of cutthroats was unacceptable when Obama was president and it is unacceptable now.

I will not support a ridiculous foreign policy in Syria that winds up putting us on the same side as Al-Qaeda and ISIS.

The Never-Trumpers and the Democrat Party criticize Trump for every trivial thing possible but nobody has anything to say about Trump’s deplorable actions in Syria. Why?

Where have all the anti-war Democrats gone?

Joe Thomas