By Clayton Dalrymple

To those of you that admire and love our country let me politely explain how we may lose, what our founding fathers put together by taking their time and organizing the greatest country ever assembled.

Recent letters in the Pilot are asking for writers to be truthful. I voted for John F. Kennedy for president and liked Robert. Then the press gave Ted a pass, when he was responsible for Mary Jo Kopechne’s death and the Democrats traded their values for political power. Then, led the way to shamefully block Robert Bork’s Supreme Court nomination based on fabricated “morality problems.” Ted got away with that and other embarrassing moments, because no one wanted to go after him, after what happened to his brothers and the harm it would cause their party. From that time on Democrats have turned left and every conservative with high esteem has been lied about and shamed without any fighting back. Reagan, the Bush family, McCain, Palin and Romney were all affected by the politically motivated hatred of the Democrats toward the Republicans who sat back and took it. Trump is draining the swamp and the war is on to restore power to the citizens.

Our founders wanted both parties to work together but the Democrats have gone so far left. The free press is hanging on to Dems’ coat tails and now acting as agents for the left. You must scratch your head and wonder how? Free press was meant to shed light on all parties and report the truth.

As I think back, I recall it started after Ted Kennedy’s charade and my being upset with the press was increasing until Limbaugh hit the airwaves. After my relief that we had a voice that was truthful, it had to be or else the press would have taken him out very fast. That’s when the left kicked into high gear and haven’t slowed down. Good news for the economy is bad news for liberals to get their power back. Why isn’t that being mentioned except in passing on those networks. The New York Times and Washington Post are leading the way against conservatives. What is worse is a powerful large group of some FBI agents have turned into haters of those on the right. Is justice blind?

I was shocked after Obama was elected and he said, “The Republicans can come with us but they must ride in the back of the bus.” Liberals have every TV station with news except for Fox. Democrats want to abolish ICE and Republicans want to stop MS 13 and illegal immigration. Most Democrats and mainstream press conveniently leave out the word illegal in their speeches.

Obama’s recent appearance is only right on one comment, get out and vote. He doesn’t know that the 57th state he ever went to voters can stay at home.

Exposure of the biggest government scandal ever is about to happen against the FBI, covering Hillary’s financial support of the Russian Collusion.

If Republicans lose in 2018 we are headed for socialistic Communism led by Bernie Sanders and his followers like Hollywood’s Jim Carrey and Michael Moore.

To my friends on the left and the never-Trumpers as well, do I wish we lived in a time when our president could be collegial, dignified and proper? Of course, I do. These are not those times. This is a war, and it’s a war the left has been fighting for 55 years without opposition. So, say anything you want about this president, I get it, he can be undignified at times. I don’t care because I can’t spare his presence, he’s fighting for America. The Kavanaugh conformation is exactly what I mean.


Clayton Dalrymple lives in Gold Beach Gold Beach.