Support Lawson

I am writing this letter in support of Teresa Lawson, mayoral candidate for Brookings. I have known Teresa for the last two years. I want to highlight one experience that I believe speaks to Teresa’s character and her organizational abilities.

My mother-in-law had a serious heart event last October. After two weeks in hospice, she passed on her husband’s birthday, Oct. 25.

As soon as Teresa found out that Mom was in hospice she contacted me, saying that she would like to organize meal deliveries for us. Over the course of the next three weeks through the celebration of life for Mom, meals came for our family every day. Teresa had reached out to three different groups of friends she knew would want to contribute. All of this was done with utmost respect and compassion for our privacy.

I tried to thank Teresa for all of her efforts but she just said, “I’m from the Midwest, this is just what we do.” She has often said the small town feel of Brookings keeps her connected to her values.

I have found this “get in and get it done” attitude to be a consistent Teresa Lawson character trait. Since that early experience, I have seen her positive organizational efforts as president of Azalea Park Foundation; she is also on the Brookings City Budget Committee.

Her boundless energy and interest in our city is palpable. I have attended many different events she has organized. She regularly communicates Brookings’ happenings, encouraging her email list to get involved in their community. She is a very involved community member, whom I think will make a fantastic mayor.

Maria Sudduth

Cape Ferrelo

Attack on democracy

I applaud letters in response to the bile soaked rantings in last week’s paper. I, too, was appalled by the inherent hatred and insanity of what was said.

I am an American, and I love my country. The United States is strong, caring, loyal, smart and humble. Strong enough to reach down and help someone up. Caring enough to reach out and lend a hand. Loyal as in taking care of family and friends. Smart enough to know who your enemy really is. Humble enough, not to seek credit, for what in your heart, you know was the right thing to do.

This is a very interesting period in time. I am not at all sure how we got here. I was born in the ’50s. Grew up in Southern California, and went to college. I have seen a great number of things happen in all those years, good and bad. I always felt, as a society we were getting better, until recently.

Information is our friend not our foe. Communication is the ability to transfer information to another person, but it seems no one is listening. I have always loved a good argument, but not a fight. We used to be able to talk. The current administration’s war on the press is an attack on democracy. Their apparent desire to pull our country apart instead of together, is a crime. This is truly a time to take a good look at the direction we seem to be going and to judge if that is where you want to end up.

I am reminded of the saying “All that is needed for evil to triumph is for a few good men to do nothing,” so this is my two cents.

Victor Svimonoff


Forthright candidate

If you have met Chris Paasch then you are going to know what I mean when I say that he is an open and forthright breath of fresh air that Curry County sorely needs.

Paasch is outspoken and doesn’t shy away from tough questions because he is afraid of what you might think of him. He is easy to talk to, is not afraid to tell you when he doesn’t know the answer to something and he is someone who can see when he makes a mistake and is not afraid to admit it.

I sense that Paasch is a humble man who just wants to work towards making Curry County a safe, thriving and beautiful community for us and our visitors. What a refreshing change he will be in the Curry County Commissioner Position 1.

Let’s elect Paasch Curry County commissioner the change will do us good.

Sharon Hartwell


Hats off to council

I wanted to thank the Brookings City Council for remaining steadfast to the important issues of the city for the past dozen years. Because of the attention to major issues such as infrastructure, our streets have had tremendous improvements, sewer and water systems have been upgraded, and the downtown area has been renewed. Brookings has the largest police department in Curry County, and the city is included among the safest cities in the state.

Portions of the city code, particularly the land development code and public works infrastructure specifications have been rewritten to simplify development.

Over the past years, our parks, playgrounds, ball fields, golf course and pool have seen improvements for all the citizens and visitors in the greater area. Efforts to preserve the azaleas and remove dangerous trees from the park will assure the enjoyment of Azalea Park by my grand kids.

These improvements did not happen overnight. They came from setting long term goals and sticking to them. They don’t always appear to be attention getting goals, but they are the true business of the city.

My hat is off to the Parks and Recreation Commission and Ron Hedenskog, Jake Pieper and Brent Hodges, who, together have provided more than 30 years of volunteer leadership to the city. Vote to keep the business of the city focused on the correct long term goals.

Bob Pieper