Stop grandstanding

The endless saga of the Curry County travel policy continues. Commissioner Court Boice wants the public to know that the approved ordinance was meant “to properly punish me. I want the public to know that’s what goes on in this building.” Boice admitted to using a county vehicle within the confines of Curry County. Policy be damned.

Single handed, Boice forced the Board of Commissioners into an untenable position to take appropriate action against him, undermining county government’s vote to ensure rules and regulations are enforced. His inflated ego will not allow him to recognize his arrogant behavior is unacceptable and unbecoming a commissioner representing Curry County.

Commissioner Sue Gold informed the board that, “other counties have even more stringent travel policies.”

Without any restrictions we saw what happened when previous commissioner Smith spent one full work year traveling four years in a county SUV. Cost to taxpayers: $30,000. It was time to reign in out-of-control spending.

The Pilot continues its narrative regarding Boice and the county travel policy. The truth is out there but too often is ignored and distorted, underscoring the insidious nature of deception when feeding half-truths to the reader.

Example: “It does not allow commissioners to be reimbursed for in-county travel. Correct.

Now for the falsehood: “nor to use the money to attend Commissioners College and other out-of-area meetings, even if they are pertinent to county business.”

The article leads the reader to believe the travel policy is unreasonable when in fact Commissioner College attendance was and is reimbursed. These facts were previously addressed by Commissioner Thomas Huxley.

Hopefully, common sense will prevail and Boice will cease and desist grandstanding, realizing his antics are embarrassing. For some residents they are, to use Boices’ own words “beyond comprehension.”

Yvonne Maitland


Makes no sense

Before President Trump was sworn into office I saw President Obama sitting with him urging Democrats and Republicans to work together for the good of America. It was obvious then and is obvious now that Obama had no intention of helping to make or keep America great.

In fact, he set up camp near D.C. and urges people to resist and disrupt along with all the other sore losers. It was just another lie before losing to a businessman who was serious about keeping his promises to bring back America and make and keep it great.

President Trump found that magic wand that Obama said he would need to bring back and create jobs. Why isn’t lower taxes, lower unemployment, a strong GDP, strong consumer confidence, a robust stock market and a stronger military a good thing for this country? Does it make any sense to resist or disrupt these accomplishments?

All because a president doesn’t talk or act like them or share their bizarre views. I’m sure the electoral voters and Trump supporters are very satisfied with Trump’s accomplishments and he’ll most likely get a second term. That is driving the left crazy with rage and hatred, the party that claims to be tolerant and loving. Their Blue Wave is not even surfable.

Lou Costa


Compelling reasons

As “The Big Bang Theory” CBS juggernaut rolls into a record 12th season on Sept. 24, most of the gang exploring mysteries of the universe have gone vegan, opting for plant-based eating. Leading actress Kaley Cuoco (Penny) also campaigns against Canadian slaughter of baby seals. Mayim Bialik (Amy) and Kunal Ayyar (Raj) are asking the U.S. to join European Union in ending cruel cosmetic testing on animals. Johnny Galecki (Leonard) did it for personal health.

Dozens of other celebrity entertainers have gone vegan in recent years. They include Casey Affleck, Pamela Anderson, Alec Baldwin, Bob Barker, Beyonce, James Cameron, Jessica Chastain, Miley Cyrus, Ellen DeGeneres, Emily Deschanel, Peter Dinklage, Sara Gilbert, Ariana Grande, Daryl Hannah, Woody Harrelson, Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Tobey Maguire, Demi Moore, Michelle Pfeiffer, Joaquin Phoenix, Brad Pitt, Natalie Portman, Alicia Silverstone and Stevie Wonder.

Most seek to avoid oppressing and killing animals. Some look to reduce their risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and cancer. Still others care about the devastating impacts of animal agriculture on climate changew, water quality, and wildlife habitats.

Compelling reasons for every one of us, as we get ready for The Big Bang Theory 12.

Cody Cook