The corruption and inhumanity of this president have become disgustingly more evident over recent weeks. This is no surprise since it reflects everything he exhibited for years in business and throughout his campaign. Though Trump’s ignorance, incompetence and self-serving exceed any other president, this represents no more nor less than his campaign promised.

What is disturbing, however, is that the Republican party has abdicated all pretense of being the party of sanity, fiscal responsibility, family values, or Lincoln. Caving before each vile and disreputable act committed by this administration, the Republican party is now solidly the Trumpist party. Republicanism is dead; replaced by Trumpism.

Southern Oregon Republicans running for the Oregon legislature and commission must know their banner stands for Trumpist destruction of our environment, economy, and health. They must know they support kidnapping children from their parents’ arms. Is there no humanity or integrity left?

Trisha Vigil


Peaceful show

This July 4 found our family in Seaside at the fireworks show. I don’t care to travel (seven hours) nor do I celebrate the Fourth at the port because past experiences were like a war zone. Because of that I didn’t expect much at Seaside. So, I was quite surprised to see the most spectacular and awe-inspiring fireworks, with music, that I had ever seen. It was about 25 minutes of nonstop fireworks at a cost of $38,000. A lot of money, and a lot of motels to fund it.

What stood out to me was there were thousands of young people, yet complete peace and order. My 11-year-old grandson noticed it first when he asked me why no one was setting off fireworks at the beach. I called their chamber of commerce and they said being family friendly and safe is their priority and they advertise with that in mind.

I never understood tourism before and considered it a waste of money. Now, I realize it’s importance if you want people to visit your town.

This is not a reflection on the unfortunate circumstances here and I wish them the best. But the peacefulness on the beaches because of excellent security proved just as important as the fireworks show itself. I was so impressed that if I were looking to move, I would leave this beautiful coastal town of Brookings, which has been home for 30 years, to the beautiful coastal town of Seaside.

Nancy Myer


Effective use

I must admit I feel pleased when I see a truck filled with obviously high quality but fire ravaged logs heading to the lumber mills. Further, I am glad to see Court Boice is effectively shaking the trees and pushing for a local county solution and clearly identifying those opposed to an effective use of what would otherwise be a completely wasted resource.

The term “responsible science” often means any hypothesis that is generally accepted by only a handful of people is considered to be fact. So, crossing the Bering Straits for years was considered to have occurred 10,000 years ago where current data puts it at least 15,000 years ago. Or, migration out of Africa that absolutely occurred 200,000 years ago is now more likely to have been 2 million years ago.

So, science that says absolutely that logging on charred soil jeopardizes watersheds is perhaps not quite so absolutely true. No proof is ever offered, and worse, no compromise solution is ever presented by the environmental sector. Obviously, compromise is not in their vocabulary; it is a case of their way or no way.

We have a local resource better used in the lumber mills than being allowed to waste away and produce more highly combustible fuel for any future fire. I am convinced that fire dried logs are a potential fire source and that logging (together with underbrush clearing and regimented replanting) would ameliorate much of the risk. Most importantly, it is the waste of a public resource by the same group of individuals who decided that the Bar Fire would be best left to burn itself out. Let us not make the same 192,000-acre mistake again.

Stuart Johnson