Downward spiral

My apologies. It was never my intention to offend anyone who is low income living in the area, whether they live in a RV or not. I do not have anything against anyone who have fallen on hard times.

My point was only that a small community with a very small tax base and no industry to speak of or one that heavily relies on tourism cannot support an influx of new people who do not contribute the betterment of the area or provide jobs to those who want to work.

The simple fact is that this area is primarily funded by property, income and business taxes and without that base we are in a downward spiral. Without that base and foundation our roads don’t get fixed, our schools don’t get funded and the services needed to help these people are place on the backs of those who do.

It’s not about rights, it’s about reality.

Harold Bailey


What an honor

It was truly an honor to be the Pioneer Citizens of the 2018 Azalea Festival and it was great fun. We would like to thank the Chetco Valley Historical Society for giving us that privilege and for making it a very special time indeed. Patty McVay, Julie Payne and Sandy Hislop took very good care of us.

From the very beginning, which was an interview by Steve Braun (KURY Radio) and Claudia Elliott (Curry Coastal Pilot), to the last goodbyes said at the Memorial Service on Monday, we were treated with great respect and kindness.

We attended many events, as well as the parade, and at each one we were struck with the amount of work and the number of people it takes to put on a festival such as this. To those who organized events, to those who worked at the events, and to those who showed up to enjoy the events we want to say a heartfelt thank you. Without you there would be no Azalea Festival. We would also like to thank our Creator for blessing us with the three beautiful days we had to enjoy the festivities.

Cecil and Glenda Wilber


Impressive display

Congratulations to the BHHS students and others who worked on “Remembrance of WWII” and showed it to us at Sea View over the Memorial Day weekend. It was outstanding.

I think the students know more about the war than those who were in it — or died because of it.

Earlier in May, the class came to Sea View and interviewed the veterans living here. The veterans were impressed by them, and I think the students were impressed by the veterans.

I hope they will take it on tour because it is so impressive.

Thank you again for all the thought and work you did.

Jane Heaney

Sea View resident

1,100 words

Around 500 words were allocated to Dave Barnes criticizing and flogging commissioners Gold and Huxley on taking a $10,000 vs. $66,000 annual salary and frittering away money. Around 120 words were allocated to Steve Beyerlin criticizing Gold and Huxley for taking a $10,000 salary.

Beyerlin was the campaign treasurer for (Court) Boice. Barnes has disrupted commissioner meetings to the point a recess was required.

Around 275 words were dedicated to commissioner Boice taking the keys to a county owned vehicle to use as he sees fit and, for being unfairly limited on travel expenses.

Three sentences were dedicated to mentioning Gold and Huxley had no comments to statements from Barnes, Beyerlin or Boice. Grown-ups don’t respond to comments like that.

While most of the article was dedicated to attacking Gold and Huxley, let’s look at some of the false statements.

False: Gold has taken a $10,000 salary since being elected.

False: Commissioners adopted a county travel policy after the Chetco fire was extinguished. (Policy Order 20438 adopted Aug. 2, 2017).

False: Travel policy limits commissioners to $2,000 a year in travel expenses.

Let’s look at some missing facts.

Gold and Huxley gave Boice all commissioner budgeted travel expenses — FY 2017/2018.

Boice was given written notice Dec. 12, 2017 of a travel policy violation and directed not to use county vehicles without administrator’s written approval.

Boice February 2018 Budget Law violation ORS 294.100.

Boice Unauthorized use of vehicle ORS 164.135 (Class C felony).

Thomas Huxley

Curry County Commissioner

Successful rally

Thanks to the volunteers who made Saturday’s Timber Resources Rally outdoor town hall a worthwhile event. As co-coordinator of the event with Scott Faas, I hoped to provide a hard look at local forestry issues and to provide solid emergency preparedness info. Our two Governor-appointed Chetco Bar Fire Recovery Council co-chairs, State Rep. David Brock Smith and Curry County Commissioner Court Boice, are to be congratulated for their efforts to bring this issue to the forefront as we prepare for wildfire season 2018.

Rally speaker nd City Councilor Ron Hedenskog brought his no-nonsense, common sense approach to the broad range of opinions. Grassroots organization Curry Wildfire and Prevention’s speakers were a great addition to the speakers’ line up with Guy McMahan focused on the bottom line — public safety.

Jackson County Commissioner Colleen Roberts reminded attendees that individually and collectively, local voices matter. Conservative talk show host Bill Meyer highlighted the inventory of economic costs of the fire. Extra thanks to the emergency preparedness group. Jeremy Dumire (Curry County); Tessa LaFazio and Kymmie Scott (Tolowa Dee-ni’ Tribe) who also recruited volunteers for CERT training.

Thanks also to Curry Coastal Pilot, KGBR, KURY and others for the pre-event and post-event publicity for the rally, providing an attendance of over 100 Curry County citizens. Special thanks to the Brookings staff (Lauri Ziemer), chamber’s Greg Williams, AVVA’s Mike Berns and friend, Mike Pundyk — for your help and support.

This conversation …to be continued. Watch for more info and advocacy opportunities.

Connie Hunter


Thanks to many

On behalf of the Friends of the Chetco Community Public Library I would like to report another great Azalea Festival Book Sale. Big thanks to many.

To people who donate their books, thank you. To library staff who sort donations, thank you. To volunteers who work at the bookstore, thank you. To volunteers who set up and work the book sale, thank you.

And, thank you to all those who bought so many books.

Tony Parrish

President FOL

America great

The following accomplishments demonstrate how President Trump is winning for us:

Unemployment – 3.8 percent.

Black and Hispanic unemployment – all-time lows.

Female unemployment – lowest in 20 years.

1.9 Million Jobs created since election.

Wages up 2.9 percent.

Inflation in check.

Dollar is strengthening

GDP averaging 3 percent and growing.

Business confidence at 17-year high.

Consumer confidence hitting new highs.

Record high stock market.

Record energy production.

NATO defense spending highest ever.

Killed ISIS in 14 months.

$1.2 trillion to rebuild our military.

Re-negotiating job killing China trade deals and NAFTA.

Dumped TPP, without the U.S. there is no deal

Dumped the Paris climate joke, without the U.S. there is no deal.

Terminated Iran nuclear joke.

First ever real negotiations with NOKO.

Immigration reform, first real effort since Ronald Reagan.

Border security, first real effort, ever.

Ended catch and release.

Eliminating MS-13.

Tax cuts passed.

Corporate tax cuts have stopped companies leaving the U.S.

Repatriation of billions held overseas is spurring business investment.

State and local tax deductions (blue states only) ended.

Eliminated hundreds of business killing regulations.

SCOTUS – Neil Gorsuch.

Appointed 73 federal judges.

The Blue Wave is looking purple and the “insurance policy” called the Mueller Russia Probe is being exposed as nothing more than a contrived plan to remove Trump should he win the presidency.

So, for all of the Trump haters screaming at the sky rejoice, he is winning for America and for all American people.

Dee Tyson