Answers needed

I wish someone would supply some logical answers on a few subjects of recent debate.

Why did Commissioner (Thomas) Huxley and Commissioner (Sue) Gold request that a recently posted letter be removed from the county’s website?

What was deemed so inappropriate about the city manager’s comment? “It is likely that this note is included in the letter because the frequency of OSP responding to calls for service in the unincorporated area is taxing their resources,” Milliman said. “The city (Brookings) is also being impacted by the lack of adequate sheriff staffing in the unincorporated area.”

He is referring to this beginning paragraph: “Law enforcement calls originating in Harbor requesting help from Brookings and Oregon State police might be partly why Gov. Kate Brown sent a letter to county commissioners earlier this month urging them to use road funds to pay for adequate safety services in the county.”

Let’s be honest, the city manager is right. Let’s not hide the truth, commissioners. We all want and sometimes need good police protection. We know that the sheriff’s department has a very limited budget. We also know that in unincorporated areas, without the protection and assistance from city police, have a greater need.

We live in a very small remote piece of this beautiful earth that would be much better served if the the taxing and the services were fairly and equally contributed throughout all the county. We need to pay our share, or stop complaining. There’s no free rides, folks.

Clayton Johnson

Gold Beach

Vote to recall

As an owner/operator of the commercial fishing vessel “Skipjack” based in Crescent City, California, I have long experience with the Port of Brookings Harbor. For many years we have brought the boat to the Brookings yard for its annual haul-out and maintenance. The port’s friendly and helpful atmosphere was welcoming to us, and many other vessels came both north and south to make use of the facilities.

Primary among the assets of the port are its knowledgeable Harbormaster Travis Webster and former chairman of the board Roy Davis. Roy works as a shipwright up and down the coast and possesses an intricate and complete knowledge of how the port works and what it needs to be successful.

I was disturbed to witness the treatment of staff members and Roy Davis by rogue commissioners Angi Christian and Jan Barbas. With the hostile atmosphere fostered by these individuals business from other ports has dropped off; the port has lost much of its appeal due to rate increases and lack of staff.

There is more to running a business successfully than raising prices and not allowing public comment at meetings. There is such a thing as customer service and that needs to be brought back to the port. Please vote to recall Barbas and Christian.

Terry Fillippa

Crescent City

Be heard

That’s right vote. That’s the way to get your voice heard.

The recall at the Port of Brookings has nothing to do with personal vindictiveness of a few individuals. Tenants of the port, from slip owners to shop owners, public citizens and taxpayers are unhappy.

A lot of these people came to the port to discuss the matter with us. With over 1,000 signatures on the recall, I think the community has spoken.

A recent letter talked about the cost of the recall to taxpayers. I’m saddened by it also. But it’s nothing compared to the port’s legal expenses, incurred by those four commissioners. Talk about wasted tax dollars.

There were and still are issues needing to be resolved. I’ve been at the Port of Brookings Harbor for over 40 years. I’ve never seen a mess like this before. Vote yes on the recall and hold these commissioners accountable for their actions.

Joe Speir


Less desirable

I see Brookings is going to get another fast food joint on Chetco Avenue. I also read an article in the Pilot about affordable housing, and if I remember correctly there are more places to buy marijuana in Brookings than groceries.

So, is there a concerted effort to lower the standards of a once nice, clean city to the the level of some other cities on the coast? Does Brookings really need another burger joint to take business from the restaurants in Brookings? Affordable housing? When I lived in Southern California, I wanted to live in Beverly Hills but didn’t because I didn’t have the income and there was no way the city would build affordable housing.

So, why lower the standards for someone to live in Brookings that can’t afford to? May sound cruel, but I was impressed with this clean small town (unlike a city north 100 miles or a city to the south) so I settled here, not knowing uncontrolled growth would soon turn Brookings into a much less desirable place to live.

Michael Isaac


Good work

Thank you Mike Hamilton, scoutmaster, and Cub Pack 124 members, parents and brothers and sisters who participated in the VFW Garden Day May 12. You all worked so hard and the results are fantastic. Fred Meyer was kind enough to provide supplies, plants and lunch.

Thank you Brookings Cub Scout Pack 124 and Fred Meyers. The VFW members are so very appreciative.

Frederick Bremer