Roy Davis in response to your May 2 Public Forum:

How quickly you forget how rude you were at several port meetings in the spring of 2017 to artisans of the Saturday market at the port. If minutes were taken accurately, you intimated that we would be relocated if and when big events wanted to use the Port on any given weekend.

When answering my question concerning this issue, you questioned my question with, “Why would we give preference to you when we could make more money holding a bigger event?” The artisans present were appalled.

Jan McCollister


He should repair it

Effran Castillo didn’t just peel out in the parking lot at the port. He caused deep ruts and substantial damage to the kite field and he should be the one to repair it.

A fine is not enough, he should have to put time and sweat into it. Then hopefully he will think twice about doing anything like that again.

Dora Costa


Public hanging

In just a little over 11 months we have voted in Angi Christian to be a port commissioner and proceeded to vilify her and other board members for perceived wrong doings. We have decided this board is responsible for failing infrastructure, port debt, apparent decades old problems and firing the port manager.

It’s been a public hanging without the bodies. It’s been an embarrassment.

As a relative newcomer, I have seen a horrible pattern of a mob attack on anyone in public office. Some in this community will fight against them instead of trying to work together.

I have seen good people reluctant to help this community, volunteer on boards and get involved because of these attacks. And no matter who is on the port board or any other board — it could be Mother Teresa — there will still be these attacks. It’s ugly and does nothing to help this community grow.

Under Christian’s leadership, the port’s financial situation has improved, much needed repairs are in the works and the port is moving forward. Recalling Christian instead of working together and letting these people do the job we elected them to do a short time ago is a big mistake.

Let them do the job we voted for them to do. Let them work on issues instead of creating roadblocks for them. Otherwise, step up. Be a commissioner or run for office. But be prepared for a public hanging by the very people who vote you in.

Peggy McCormick


Lasting impacts

I am a born and raised southern Oregonian and support logging when it is in balance with our other important economies. My fishing guide business depends on the health of our fisheries and a healthy habitat.

The Chetco River offers world-class Chinook salmon and winter steelhead fishing that are integral to the economy and culture of southern Oregon. Maintaining this healthy fishery should be a top priority for decision makers and the long-term health of our watershed and community.

Last summer, the Chetco Bar Fire burned more than 190,000 acres in the Chetco watershed, much of it at low to moderate severity. Now, the Forest Service is proposing one of the largest timber sales in the Pacific Northwest to allow for post-fire logging of burned trees. If done incorrectly, this will have lasting impacts on these rivers and the fish that rely on this important habitat.

It is important to focus on prioritizing the health of the watershed and fish, by sticking to logging roadside hazards and not building new roads. This will maintain the Chetco River as a world-class destination that keeps people here and brings in a sustainable economy from across the country.

Stuart Warren

Phoenix, Oregon

Too extreme

I received a flyer from Art Robinson asking for a write-in vote. The flyer was 90 percent attack advertisement against Rep. (Peter) DeFazio. Before buying into Robinson’s claims, I decided to look into Robinson’s background as a so-called scientist. What I found was very disturbing.

Robinson is the head of OISM (Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine); sounds official enough however is very misleading. It’s main purpose is to promote non-peer-reviewed papers and the Oregon Petition that claims increased CO2 emissions are good for our one and only planet.

It seems Robinson veered off the path of truth when, in 1978, Linus Pauling (a two time Nobel Prize winner) and his institute fired Robinson for poor management and terminated his research, labeling it “amateurish” and inadequate.

Robinson is affiliated with extremists like Gary North (Y2K doomsday), Sallie L. Baliunas, Willie Soon and Frederick Seitz (fake climate paper). These people are neither conservative or scientists. Their focus is on promoting “alternative facts.”

Finally, Robinson does not support public education. In fact, much of his livelihood is based on selling course material for home learning.

Based on Robinson’s past, expect him to attack the environment and dismantle social programs like public schools.

I urge readers to look up OISM in WikiPedia (that includes 16 separate citations) before offering your vote to Robinson.

Paula Keezer


Don’t throw stones

Over the past year I have closed my eyes in disbelief, choosing to stay out of our Good Old Boys’ system of government (which one can you believe or not believe that we have).

I have lived in this beautiful town for 40-plus years I am a lot older, a lot more senile, but am well aware of the issues that play out in our town. You can say this comes from a unhappy camper, because it doesn’t.

If you can go back in time, one can see that those who are throwing stones were once in the exact firing lines. I really feel sad that we lack the ability to view issues and learn that those throwing the stones maybe the real problem. I appreciated the letter from Ms. (Patti) Bertelson. Thank you for speaking up.

Pat Johnson


my choice

Like most of you, I have spent the past few weeks mulling over the candidates for important positions of government for our county and local port district. I have been able to hear in one form or another what each candidate’s reasons for running are and what they would like to accomplish while in office.

We have some accomplished candidates and some not so much. Jeri Lynn Thompson has an open mind about possible reorganization and is rooted in pioneer practicality. She understands the requirement for leadership and is committed to bringing serious planning and budgeting to the table as some of her first objectives.

In my opinion the candidate for county commissioner who stands out way above the rest is Thompson.

I met with Thompson for an extended conversation and came away very impressed. She has the one qualification I consider the most desirable. She appreciates and is passionate about the need for quality planning in county government.

As far as I know, the county has never had a strategic plan and again in my opinion is the main reason for the pickle we are in. No business or organization can function without a plan and the more formalized the better. It requires discipline to develop one and even more to implement one. It has been amazing to watch new commissioners come and go without accomplishing anything. The reason is you can never get to any destination without a plan.

Thompson is my choice and will make an excellent commissioner.

Jim Relaford