Vote Pruess

Curry and Coos Counties are both in the 15th Judicial District. Thus, in addition to Coos County voters, Curry County voters will also be voting for the contested circuit court judge Position 5 in the upcoming primary on May 15.

I encourage you to vote for Judge Brett Pruess for this position. Pruess was appointed to fill Judge Paula Bechtold’s position following her retirement last November after a rigorous selection process. Once appointed, a judge must run for the position in the next election.

I have been impressed with Pruess’ integrity, intelligence and work ethic, both as a staff and managing attorney for The Oregon Law Center, and on the bench thus far. It is my belief that he is the best qualified person for this position.

Cynthia Beaman

Circuit Court Judge

Elect Thompson

We have lived in Curry County all our adult lives and have known one of the candidates running for Curry County commissioner for more than five decades. Her name is Jeri Lynn Thompson and in the 50-plus years we have known her have had the opportunity to see her go forward from a rural ranch environment in southern Curry County to obtaining an elected position on the Smith River Rancheria (Tolowa Dee-ni’ Nation) as a council member and as such has had the experience of dealing with many intricate government agencies.

Jeri Lynn has personally worked with contacts in Salem and Washington, D.C., that can help us local residents.

Jeri Lynn is currently active on boards and committees whose focus is in the area of health care, housing and economic development.

One of the current concerns is the fire. Jeri Lynn lost her ancestral home to the Chetco Bar Fire this past summer and her land was scorched along with other private homes and lands. Fire is a continued concern which needs solutions to minimize the repeated loss of not only mismanaged government land but also private well-managed lands and homes such as what happened this last summer.

We have concluded after researching the candidates’ qualifications that Jeri Lynn Thompson is the more qualified representative of the people of this county to bring the county forward and I ask that you join myself and my wife in voting for her. Thank you.

Don and Becky Hodges


Great story

Thank you Mathew Brock for your positive article in last Saturday’s Pilot on the beauty of the Salmon Run Golf Course. The golf course is an important asset to the city of Brookings.

Also, thank you for mentioning the hard work and dedication of the Early Management Team and their crew.

Bob Almada



It’s pathetic what the liberal media and some recent letters to the Pilot are saying. A recent writer reported that conservatives are jumping ship.

What I’m hearing is Democrats are distancing themselves from Hillary Clinton’s rage and rant about losing to President Trump.

Another writer claims Trump is a sexist and a misogynist. Where was the left’s outrage when Bill Clinton molested women while in office and before? Hillary viciously slammed his victims and accusers who had proof of his molestation and infidelity.

Another writer ignores red flags thrown against a mentally troubled person who then killed innocent children but has shown no outrage over preventable deaths through abortions. How about banning the assault scalpels used in those barbaric killings? How about the DNC put those statistics in their window, too.

Another writer asks what would Jesus do? I believe Jesus gives Christians the power to deal with the Hitlers, Bin Ladens and the Assads who kill innocent men, women and children. They are exactly the same powers Jesus gave his people victory in war with their enemies.

Hypocrisy is a very ugly voice. Sore losers aren’t pretty either.

Lou Costa