Not moral

Assad is accused of using chemical weapons on his people. Vice President Pence justified the missile strike saying it was the moral thing to do. Was it? What would Jesus do?

God’s Law is based on seven principles — equality, liberty, freedom, compassion, abundance and capacity — that allow us to walk the straight and narrow.

The first requirement for conflict resolution is that both sides must be considered equal. Wars are started by people who believe they are more important than another, and therefore they believe have the right to put another down. But, God stands on the principles of equality, and no one is more important than another. In court, for a fair trial, both sides must be considered equal.

All America must do to end the conflicts is stop believing we are more important than other nations.

“Do unto others as you would have them do to you.” Would any Americans want Syria to bomb Washington, D.C.? No? Then we don’t bomb Syria.

Karen Holmes


Dangerous man

Our community, especially our children, are about to become less safe. On April 23, convicted sex offender Gary Caughey is going to be released into our community once again. Read the April 7 front page article from the Pilot on this man. Read it again.

This man reoffended again and again. He cannot control himself.

Prior to Caughey’s release a few years ago I, along with a group of concerned citizens met with then Sheriff John Bishop. What we learned about this guy was very scary. I railed against his release a few years ago. So did then Sheriff Bishop. So did many others but the geniuses in control let him out anyway. Some people cannot be rehabilitated. Caughey is a perfect example of this fact.

Previously I was told by the parole board supervisor that I need not worry because a “highly regarded” psychologist determined Caughey was ready to live in our neighborhood. He was not. The obvious happened, he broke parole terms and back to jail he went. I am so thankful the local parole officer here kept a close eye on this guy.

When Caughey went back to prison I was wondering if the “highly regarded” psychologist was still highly regarded. I wonder now.

As I said a few years ago, the release of Caughey does not pass the common sense test. Gary Caughey poses a significant danger to our children and he should not be released from prison.

Jerry Norman