Energy costs

By now you should have received your Annual Capital Credit Allocation Notice if you are a Coos-Curry Electric member and consumer.

My last month’s electric bill was the highest I ever received in my history of being with CCEC. Aren’t these credits supposed to go toward lowering my bill? Or will these paper credits and 79 cents get me a senior coffee at a local fast food restaurant? What is Coos-Curry doing to develop renewable energy sources such as wind farms and ocean wave farms?

California state law requires public utility companies in that state to generate a minimum of 20 percent electricity from renewable energy.

Joe Willett


Will county vote?

I have a question regarding the voting process for renewing the gas tax in Brookings. Are all the voters in Curry County going to be allowed to vote on this issue or just those who live in the city like the last election?

Of course, it passed by a large margin because it directly benefited people in the city, in reducing System Development Fees and their street repairs. Also, is there going to be a sunset clause like the last time? Have we ever seen a tax-related sunset clause go away, i.e. the current gas tax? Never.

N. J. Sprague



I would like to update our community about changes coming to our agency. After two years leading the Coastal Home Health and Hospice team, my career path is taking me in a different direction and I am moving on to a new and exciting career opportunity.

In preparation, wide ranging executive recruitment efforts are in place as the board of directors seek a qualified candidate who can build on the strong financial and regulatory foundation on which we operate.

After April 27, the agency will implement a comprehensive interim plan to ensure there is no disruption in medical care and services.

Additionally, if you are passionate about the future of health care in our county; have clinical, accounting, and/or health care experience; and are interested in being part of the solution, please contact our agency. The board of directors would like to talk with you about volunteering for the board.

Keri Culhane

Executive director

Best candidate

I have been one of the six circuit court judges in the 15th Judicial District for close to 12 years. Due to the retirement of Judge Paula Bechtold, her judicial seat recently became vacant. Brett Pruess is currently serving as a Circuit Court judge in that position.

The voters will elect a candidate to fill a six-year term for that seat in the coming election cycle. Brett Pruess is running in this election so that he can continue to serve as circuit court judge. He is highly qualified and he has significant support from his colleagues. His strengths include his legal ability, his passion for justice and his commitment to serving the public.

I believe he is the best candidate for that position. When you receive your ballot, I urge vote for Brett Pruess for Judge of the Circuit Court, 15th District, Position No. 5.

Jesse C. Margolis

Circuit Court Judge

15th Judicial District

Must be stopped

The people of the port district have been made aware of the unethical, irresponsible and in some cases illegal behavior of four of the current port commissioners thanks to the Pilot’s accurate reporting.

The actions of the commission have damaged the port and erased years of progress toward building it back from the low point it reached in 2008.

If they are not stopped, I am concerned that it might soon be too late to save what we have left.

It is the last weekend to support the port by signing the recall petitions being circulated, and I urge the public to do so.

Ted Fitzgerald