Some of the issues at Sutter Coast are not understood or even mentioned. It is gross mismanagement.

My wife was scheduled for a minor procedure at 11:30 a.m., Dec. 7, 2017. She laid in that bed until 2:45 p.m. There was no mention of possible rescheduling. The only excuse they had was an emergency had occurred. How can an “emergency” shut down a wing of a hospital? I spoke to several other people in that wing and they all had to wait, too.

On Feb. 28, I was transported by ambulance to Sutter Coast for a painful neck injury. I could not move my head at all. After four hours of no attention or any pain relief, I located my sack of clothes and started to dress myself to leave.

I called home for a ride home and they finally gave me a pain pill and a glass of water at 4:34 p.m. The first sip of water all day. They parked me in a drafty hallway where I swiped a wheelchair and made my escape. To another facility. In Oregon.

John Yost


Useless criticism

You printed a rebuttal on my letter of Feb. 24. It was an obvious tongue-in-cheek comment against my article. You don’t have to explain why because I know your journalistic history and you’re lucky I can take criticism that comes my way.

It hurts the Pilot because this little county is full of conservatives. I’m enclosing some articles against me.

A good lawyer that could keep half of what he went after wouldn’t hurt you but someone in Bend would be upset.

If the opposition has a reason to dislike President Trump then tell us what he has done wrong but criticizing me is useless.

Clayton Dalrymple

Gold Beach

Hug a tree

April is the month dedicated to spring and its gifts to the world. Arbor Day is observed in most states and Earth Day, later in the month.

All the states have chosen one day during the month to bring to mind the value of trees and other foliage. That is to say, every state except Oregon. I say with some pride that Oregon observes Arbor Day for one week. The first week in April is noted as Arbor Day.

And why not? Oregon has some of the most beautiful forests in the world. This past year, thousands of acres of those forest were destroyed in fire. We have lost more than just wood and beauty. We have lost what those standing trees give us.

Trees provide oxygen. One large tree supplies a day’s supply of oxygen for four people. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and other harmful gasses such as sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide.

A tree can store carbon, 13 pounds of it each year. Not much? That’s 2.6 tons of carbon for each acre of trees. One of our main sources of carbon is gasoline. Each gallon burned produces almost 20 pounds of carbon dioxide.

If you get 30 miles to the gallon,it will take 10 trees to remove the carbon dioxide for every 10,000 miles driven. Look at the traffic just in this area. How many 10,000 miles are driven in any one season?

Those are just a few of the benefits we receive from trees.

By the way,according to the Arbor Day Survey, the Douglas Fir is being considered for Oregon’s State Tree.

Happy Arbor Day week. Hug a tree.

Juliet Hansen


Must be solution

If guns are outlawed, then only outlaws will have guns. Pass all the laws you want, criminals do not obey them. Criminals do not conduct background checks. If you’ve got the cash, you get the gun.

In World War II, every country Nazi Germany invaded, guns were confiscated, some from the country’s gun registration records. But the underground freedom fighters still managed to get guns.

I own a gun, I received weapons training while serving in the U.S. Army. I do not hunt. Give the animals guns to shoot back and then you can call it a sport.

There must be a solution elsewhere than repealing the Second Amendment to the Constitution.

Joe Willett


Stop honking

I humbly request that people curtail the honking of their car and particularly commercial truck horns on their way in and out of the north of Brookings.

I appreciate that you may want to demonstrate your enthusiasm but there are people like myself who live close by and it is not pleasant having to listen to this noise for hours each nice afternoon. Please spare us the beep-beep-da-beep. Thank you.

Theresa Herninko



Too bad the Pilot’s coverage of the “youth’s” March for Our Lives didn’t include photos of kids participating. Persons in the two photos, appear to be mostly adults. There were professional signs, including one sponsored by the Giffords Foundation (gun safety advocacy group). Note the march started at Democrat headquarters and was, according to the Pilot, led by Indivisible 97415, a resist Trump protest group.

“Astroturfing” — masking who’s really behind the message (e.g., Democrats, progressives, anti-gun groups/lobbyists, Women’s March, ultra-left celebrities, anti-Trumpers, etc.) while making it appear an organic movement organized by teens.

The media, Pilot included, is helping misrepresent this as a grass roots youth effort, not reporting organizing, managing and financing by others for political purposes.

The article said protesters hope politicians “address gun regulations, school safety, and mental health in the U.S.”, but I saw only anti-gun and vague action demands signs.

The march in D.C. was exactly like this, on steroids. Organizers overstated the crowds: 850,000 versus experts’ analysis of 202,000 peak. A University of Maryland sociologist estimated only 10 percent were teenagers. Most signs were anti-gun/Second Amendment, anti-NRA, and anti-GOP: pretty much leftist political issues themed.

The only non-gun elimination solutions suggested, seem to be from some teens/adults from Parkland, Florida, and elsewhere who’re being shut out of these so-called “non-political” events.

Dianne Daniels

Gold Beach

OGM to be Homeless

The Outreach Gospel Mission has come to a watershed moment in its existence. We at them OGM have served homeless men (up to nine at a time), for many years here in Harbor.

In the past year we have been seeing fewer and fewer men coming for long term help, more women and kids, and aged people with disabilities. The board and executive director of the OGM have come to the conclusion that to be relevant in serving the needs of Curry County, we must address the needs of all who come to our door. It is impossible to be able to meet the needs of men, women, and families with kids, at our current property in Harbor.

We placed the property on the market, and as of March 27 the property has sold. We have been seeing this change coming for a long time. Curry County needs a county sized mission to help people, all people.

The OGM will be homeless by May 27 (most everything is on sale). Our store hours will continue noon to 4 p.m. Thursday through Saturday, and we will be no longer taking donations of merchandise.

We have been planning and searching for just the right building throughout the whole county, and have found four, all have hurdles. So, we don’t know exactly where we will re-emerge but when we do, we will be able to service men, women, and families.

During the changeover, our phones will be forwarded to my mobile phone, and we will still endeavor to help people where they are. If you have supported us in the past, please continue as we will need it more than ever to open a county sized mission. If you want join us in this new adventure, please contact me. I will be glad to listen.

Craig S. Graber

Executive director, Outreach Gospel Mission

False narratives

Yes, the Second Amendment was written when guns only held one shot. That is why it says “the right to keep and bear arms” Not, “the right to keep and bear one shot firearms.”

If that is the case then the First Amendment was written with quill, ink and paper. Does that mean that anything written on a computer, broadcast over television or radio should not be protected by the First Amendment?

As for the NRA having all those politicians in their pocket is just a media blast. You know the saying, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Yes, the NRA does donate to politicians as do many anti-gun organizations.

There are many laws on the books that are designed to keep firearms out of the hands of those who are not supposed to have them. However, criminals do not care about the laws. A good example of this are laws banning methamphetamine, yet this banned drug is widely available. The only thing new gun laws will do is block or punish law abiding citizens.

I agree that this is just one example of the false narratives that is put out as fact everyday.

Austin L Bertelson