Remember history

I can truly understand these students and their angst about guns. What I can’t understand is their teachers. Primarily their history teachers. These kids and their teachers need to understand, that if we don’t learn from history we are doomed to repeat it.

I cite Germany. Hitler banned all guns, not to mention books that did not match his ideology. Keep the masses unarmed and uneducated. Saddam Hussein, was the same, but instead of internment (and ultimate gassing), he used chemicals to slowly and horrifically painfully kill his dissentients. And go back further, King Herod demanded the slaughter of all male babies under the age of 2 years. Fearful of losing his throne and also his ideology.

To all the students who made comments about the shooter. You should be angry that your information fell on deaf ears. You should be protesting all the missed messages by the police, the FBI, mental health, his own mother. These are the reasons that allowed to this happened. There is not a legitimate gun owner out there who would disagree.

There is a saying and very fitting...when they outlaw guns, only the outlaws will have guns.

Sharon Henry

Gold Beach

Public nit-picking

Regarding the fuss and furor over comments made by Commissioner Tom Huxley last month at the Curry County Board of Commissioners meeting to discuss hiring a code enforcement officer for Curry County:

Huxley was quoted as saying that he had concerns about the potential dangers in situations found with this job, and that he was concerned about women going into these risky environments. He said, “I mean no disrespect or anything,” but that he would rather go out there himself, than see his wife do it, for instance.

That was his opinion, and I believe that in a discussion meeting, opinions are expected and allowed; or are we so mired in political correctness that an honest opinion is no longer welcome at a commissioners’ meeting?

And for that he was blown out of the water. He did not say a man could do the job better, or that women were not capable.

In a field dominated by men, however, a woman, Kim Wood, was hired as the most recent code enforcement officer.

About her job, she stated: “This woman went alone into the far reaches of Curry County, to serve restraining and eviction orders and ordered clean-up of multiple code violations...I came face to face with some of the most dangerous and difficult citizens that Curry County has to offer.”

I do not believe concern for the safety of others is discriminatory. Or disrespectful. Or damaging. But I believe public nit-picking is.

Mim Lagoe


Massive mistake

The Forest Service is considering a proposal to clearcut 13,000 acres in the Chetco Bar Fire scar. Commissioner Court Boice pleas for even more cutting. However:

•Massive logging will negatively impact local public health, safety, and employment. Mineral and debris runoff will fowl rivers and water wells. Logging traffic on narrow roads will make travel hazardous. Loss of recreational opportunities will impact ecotourism and its infrastructures (motels, restaurants, etc.).

•Massive logging will further threaten our commercial and recreational fisheries. This year’s crab season was delayed by slow growth and unsafe levels of domoic acid. Both can be linked to the Chetco Bar Fire and recent clear-cutting in the Pistol, Chetco, and Hunter Creek watersheds. Higher ground temperatures and run-offs undoubtedly increased ocean temperatures from Gold Beach to Crescent City. Warm water absorbs less oxygen and crabs don’t grow well at low oxygen levels. Warm water and eutrophication from runoff triggers and extends dinoflagellate blooms, resulting in excesses of domoic acid in filter-feeding shellfish.

•Massive logging will delay forest regeneration. Even in heavily burned areas there are living root systems and associated microfauna with stored nutrients that will encourage vegetation regrowth and facilitate germination of serotinous seeds. Logging operations will disrupt these processes by ripping up and compressing the soil and eliminating any remaining forest canopy. Indeed, after the Biscuit Fire uncut areas regenerated much faster than areas that were clear-cut.

The Chetco Bar fire was an economic and ecological disaster. Let’s not compound these problems with ill-conceived decisions.

Paul W. Sherman

Janet Shellman Sherman

Gold Beach

Work together

A March 14 letter equated the Republican Party’s progressive history with a definition of conservative. Since the terms progressive and conservative are opposites, the history lesson in the letter really illustrates that both major political parties have changed in 200-plus years.

Both are at times forward thinking, at times regressive. Most of the time they are pulling us in opposite directions. It would benefit America if the parties would work together.

Kathryn Justman


Covering history

Southwestern Oregon Community College will offer a new course this spring, Anthropology 232 (Native North Americans) on Thursday evenings 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Curry campus in Brookings. Class dates are from April 4 to June 14.

This course covers Native American history from the European contact to the early 1900’s. The course will also examine local tribes (Yurok and Tolowa) historical experiences with state sponsored programs of genocide occurring between the years 1846 to 1873. The class will host several guest speakers including an Oregonian Native American U.S. military veteran and former West Point instructor who was influential at the “Standing Rock” North Dakota pipeline protest.

Many people have misconceptions about the history of the Americas and its native people. When Columbus “discovered” the Americas by landing at San Salvador in 1492 there were already over 8 million people, those he chose to call “Indians,” living there (South, Central, North America). Just 21 years later, only 1 in 20 were still alive having been killed by violence, disease, and despair. This course tries to provide perspective regarding the sweeping events that reshaped North of the largest and most pivotal stories in human history!

For more information please contact me at .

This class can be audited for a reduced fee (if not needed for college credit). Although I have taught this class in California for several years, I am excited to teach this course in Oregon for the first time.

Skip Hunter