Actions, not words

I have read comments about my husband Christopher Paasch on social media from someone questioning his motives for giving to his community and his run for Curry County Commissioner.

I want to offer this example of his character: About four years ago Chris and I were traveling to Portland and stopped in Woodburn for lunch. As we left our car there were people standing in the parking lot pointing to a car needing help. We could hear a woman screaming.

Chris immediately without evening knowing what it was ran across the parking lot to the car. I soon saw him pulling a woman to safety from inside the car. He then ran to the other side of the car and removed a male from the driver’s side and held him until the sheriff’s department arrived and took over. They escorted her to a safe place near me while arresting the man and placing him in a patrol car.

The woman’s words to us as she lay on the ground safe but bruised and crying were, “This time he was going to kill me.” I know of two other times Chris has done something similar. I judge a man by his actions not empty words.

Bonnie Paasch

Gold Beach

Great satire

I just want to say Clayton Dalrymple is a gem. Every time I read one of his letters it gets a chuckle out of me. Last Saturday’s letter was no exception. He is great at satire.

Gary May


When Will it end?

When serving the community as a board commissioner there is a duty to set aside your self interest and put the community’s best interest at the top of your agenda.

That doesn’t seem to be happening at the Port of Brookings Harbor.

First it was Roger Thompson abusing his status as a port commissioner to get a cut-rate deal on a lease for his then-girlfriend and now co-commissioner Angi Christian. He claimed ignorance of the law when he was found guilty by the state and yet still sits as a commissioner. Thompson has been on enough boards to know what a conflict of interest is… and yet.

Then, with no reason given the port manager who by all accounts was doing a good job, was terminated, leading to a wrongful termination lawsuit against the port, including charges of illegal meetings by commissioners.

Now commissioner Andy Martin has scooped up a boat slip that belonged to someone else. He claims to be ignorant of the fact that the port keeps a waiting list and has set procedures for terminating leases. Martin has two boats at the port. Surely he has read his own contract.

When will the corruption end?

Normally I am not one to get involved in local politics but please, please, please, if you can spare a few minutes of time, stop by the tourist information center at the port and sign the recall petition.

Your tax dollars are funding this whole ridiculous circus.

Don Griffith


Kudos to Cat

It is always a good feeling to give credit where credit is due. It is, therefore, a fitting pleasure to recognize Catherine Holaday as her many years as a dedicated staff member at the Curry Coastal Pilot come to a close.

She has not been known by frequent by-lines or photos; she has been known, however, as the careful detail-checker, the thoughtful obituary writer and, when needed, the cheerful voice on the phone providing information or taking down an ad for publication.

As well, she has been a go-to staff person to know what’s where and who’s who in the Brookings-Harbor community. Hardworking and civic-minded, Catherine’s varied skills have been buffed to a luster by experience. She can’t be replaced, but she will be missed.

Sandy Cady


Great donation

About a month ago I was contacted by an amazing community member, Gene Clasen, requesting information about supporting our school garden program.

After a few conversations regarding our need for a stand-up freezer to store the student-grown produce, I received an email from Gene. He had found a free freezer in Brookings ready for pick-up. My students have in the past month refurbished the freezer and it now looks brand new.

On behalf of the Brookings-Harbor Youth Transition Program and school garden program, I would like to thank Gene and Bob Major for going above and beyond to support the needs of our youth programs in Curry County. It’s people like you who make Brookings an amazing place to raise kids.

Michelle Prudden


Help homeless

An open letter to Sen. Jeff Merkley, Sen. Ron Wyden and U.S. Rep. Peter DeFazio:

This letter is to express my encouragement about the new budget deal and ask for your support of ending homelessness. In light of the new money made available in the two-year budget passed by Congress, I am requesting your office support a $217 million increase to the $2.6 billion for the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Grants in FY2018.

More than 500,000 people are currently homeless in the U.S. even though we saw homelessness decline nationwide in the last decade. Federal funding is critical to rural communities to address local homelessness and our housing shortage. We need your help and support.

Progress was made because of a shift toward evidence-based approaches that move people quickly into permanent housing. Central to the effort is the federal funding provided by HUD’s McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Grants Program and other targeted homeless assistance programs. Without these grants and the support of Congress to date, much of national progress made would not have been possible.

At this late date, we haven’t been able to provide for our homeless — even as little as a warming facility. If funding disappears, the opportunity for us to catch up might also go away.

Please lead a concerted congressional effort to provide rural homeless services and affordable housing.

Thank you for being champions for our homeless residents by providing for local housing needs.

Connie Hunter