Draining the swamp

It was amusing to watch the dynamic State of the Union address and see the pitiful display by the left upon hearing evidence of prosperity and strength that our great nation did not see during the Obama fiasco. It looked like they were sucking on lemons, and Nancy Pelosi was trying to adjust her ill-fitting dentures. At least once she turned in her seat to see who in her section had the nerve to applaud President Trump.

Folks, we are returning to greatness. Taxes and regulations are being cut, companies are returning to and investing in America, jobs are being created, unemployment is down, our military is stronger and our borders are more secure. More people working and paying taxes will help offset the budget.

The swamp is being drained as Congress and investigators uncover years of lawbreaking, corruption and scandals in the previous administration. So, like the Old West saying: There’s a new sheriff in town and it looks like he’ll be around for a while.

Lou Costa


Life from life

A federal judge in Kitzmiller v. Dover decided to censor what you may read and determined public school students are not allowed to know about intelligent design. The truth is that Louis Pasteur proved the law of biogenesis that life comes from life.

Materialist evolution is a nonstarter because it cannot explain its own existence. Variations are possible within a species, but microevolution is limited within kinds or breeds.

Macroevolution or the creation of a new breed through evolutions has never been witnessed. Mutations are copying errors and are not a path to complex systems. There are no known examples of a mutation adding complexity.

A cell is not merely material and energy shaped by chance. Living cells are material and energy shaped by design information or knowledge. There is a limit beyond which something is for all practical purposes impossible.

Generally, anything with less than 1 chance in 10 to the 50th power of occurring randomly is essentially impossible. The chance of a living cell occurring by random chance would be 1 of 10 to the 33,000th power, which is far beyond zero.

Science students have a right to know that life cannot occur without intelligent design. Life was either created by God or evolved from non-living matter by accident. There is no third choice. Students have the right to hear the facts and make up their own mind.

Dr. Steve Johnston


Bypassing Brookings

Usually about this time of year I make plans for the family to visit Brookings for the Azalea Festival on our way to Portland to visit relatives. But not this year. After reading about all of the trees that will be cut down in the park, we will skip Brookings and take I-5 instead.

Your beautiful little town just keeps looking more like a plumber’s shop and less like someplace with charm. Good luck attracting tourists from around the world to see your ballparks. It’s not going to happen.

Ann Williams

San Francisco