Unjustified attack

I am responding ​to a​ letter in the Jan. 27 edition of the Pilot attacking Dennis Triglia. The letter was perpetuating inaccurate information. It was an obvious attempt to tarnish the reputation of a valued member of our community​.

The Curry Coastal Pilot clearly states, “The Pilot will not publish any submissions that include irresponsible or unverifiable characterizations or charges against any individual or organization”.

I was at the Brookings City Council meetings in which the Inclusive and Welcoming City Resolution was introduced. It has been stated over and over and in a variety of places that this has nothing to do with sanctuary cities. It was in response to the good will demonstrated by many people during the (Chetco Bar) fires. People who were at odds in many ways came together to take care of one another.

The resolution was intended to maintain and celebrate that sense of community.

The letter was an obvious and deliberate, “irresponsible or unverifiable characterizations or charges against any individual or organization.”

Curry Coastal Pilot, I am a subscriber. You have failed me and your community.

BR Matteson


Help appreciated

I would like to thank the young lady who works at Fred’s (Fred Meyer) for helping me out.

On Jan. 27, I walked off the sidewalk and took a bad fall when I slipped in the mud. She is the only one who helped me up. Nobody else would. I’m on the sidewalk and couldn’t get up. I’m over 70 years old.

If it wasn’t for her I would still be sitting there.

Thanks again, young lady.

Frances Ledbetter


Lacking concern

I am concerned after attending many Curry County Commissioner meetings about the apparent lack of concern for the county’s financial state. I continue to see cuts and job losses that appear to slow the county and any services it offers to its citizens.

There is little conversation on how to raise capital to keep Curry County viable and financially secure. Without the road fund, well, Curry might be bankrupt. Imagine what could happen if the state stepped into Curry.

I know a lot of people think, “don’t worry; they will get it fixed.” It’s not getting fixed and there is little being done to find solutions. The budget shortfall is huge and there is little being done to bring capital to Curry.

Christopher Paasch

Gold Beach