Russian sabatoge?

Anti-Russian witch hunters in Congress are now going after Jill Stein of the Green Party.

Of my God. You mean to tell me the the Russians conspired with the Green Party to make sure their presidential nominee would finish in fourth place with one eighth of the vote? This has to be a bigger scandal than President Trump having two scoops of ice cream at the White House when everybody else can only have one.

Did you know the “Russia Today” channel has hosted third party presidential debates on their channel?

If that isn’t proof the Russians are ruining and sabotaging our democracy, I don’t know what is.

Why should it be left to a foreign channel to give minor party candidates a chance to be heard?

Vladimir Putin and the Russians warned our FBI there would be a terrorist attack in our country but I guess the FBI was too busy covering up for Hillary Clinton at the time.

Joe Thomas


Good happening

A lot of good things are happening these days, just as predicted by our president.

It’s no wonder the electoral voters were impressed by his agenda to make America great again.

Of course you won’t hear about any of them from the liberal media. Instead, you’ll hear from them that President Trump is unhinged and colluded with Russia during the election — all hogwash. Just a planned deterrent to build back their flawed and corrupt empire.

One thing that stands out, even with some liberals, is it has taken a businessman to rerail the train headed for a robust economy and a strong nation that was promised to us all.

Look for more good things to happen during the next seven years. Yes, seven.

Lou Costa