Assessment a tax

Measure 101 will cost you. It already has — special elections cost money. The timing was planned so you, the voter, would be distracted over the holidays, An assessment is a tax.

This is Medicaid not Medicare, which is paid for by responsible citizens. The measure will cost:

1. $10 million from Oregon’s general fund to buy abortions for women who are not citizens.

2. $55 million for kids brought to America illegally; the federal government will not match this money.

3. $3 million taken from funding veterans dental care (we know dental care affects their heart). We should not prioritize non-citizens over our veterans.

4. Students will pay $81 per year for their required health plans in colleges and universities.

5. $25 million cut from school districts that will share in the cost for health care plans.

6. Small business and local governments price increases in their health plans.

7. Insurance companies and hospital increase tax of 1.5 percent.

Who do you think will pay for this? Gov. Brown carefully carved out unions and their insurance. They will not pay this tax.

Measure 101 went from shortfall to over-spending $65 million. We signed petitions to get this on the ballot so we could have a voice. Now vote no.

Sandra (Sandy) Ensley


Thanks for time

“Volunteers make the world go ’round.” How true that is in this community.

Coastline Neighbors joined many other nonprofits and volunteers in Curry County this year. As the new kid on the block, we appreciate the warm welcome.

The holiday season was made merrier by an invitation from the Chetco Activity Center for a special lunch, a gathering with Wild Rivers Connect and fun with new friends at the ChariTree Event.

Thanks to all the generous volunteers who donate their time and skills every day to make our community a most wonderful place to live. Coastline Neighbors is proud to serve with you. Contact: class="Apple-converted-space"> or 541-207-1366.

Lindy McClean

President Coastline Neighbors


Same old …

For years we’ve heard from the government:

We’re using too much fossil fuels;

We need more fuel-efficient cars;

We need renewable fuels;

We need to develop electric cars;

We’re killing the ozone hole.

I was reading the new laws and regulations for 2018. The state government has lost too much gasoline dollars because of all of the above. So what did the government do? Did they become more efficient? Did they try to spend less? Did they tighten their belts? No.

The state government said because of the tax loss, they put a $15 sales tax on bicycles. I have no dog in this fight. I don’t ride bicycles. Never did. Don’t like them either. However this is just another example of the government swamp.

Oh, I can give you at least 20 or 30 more examples, probably more. Different bottle — same old wine. The swamp.

Andrew T. Ragan


Missed par

This letter is in response to the extremely negative article Jan. 3, “Top five sport stories of 2017.” As members and strong supporters of Salmon Run Golf Course we take issue with the descriptions presented in the article.

We have expressed our thanks to Gary and Val Early (EMT) for their dedicated hard work improving the golf course. They inherited a property that had been neglected and mismanaged since its creation. The city had the foresight to take over the course and hire EMT to manage it.

EMT has spent their time and money in an effort to restore the golf course — no small task — and in doing so has created a valuable asset for the city.

The golf course is in the best condition it has ever been. Visitors are amazed at the beauty, challenge, reasonable rates and great staff. This year will see players from all over the Northwest coming to tournaments. They share their experiences. Word travels fast.

Many golf tournaments raise funds for worthy causes such as the food bank, girls/boys golf and other charities. This is a public facility, but now functions as an event venue, particularly for weddings and corporate gatherings. The public is welcome to come out to the course and enjoy the beautiful tranquility while they have breakfast or lunch.

Your recent article leaves readers with a very negative impression that does not accurately reflect current conditions at Salmon Run.

Marilyn Almada

Salmon Run ladies’

and men’s clubs