VA concerns

The new computer system Roseburg VA Director Paxton spoke about at the Nov. 29 Brookings town hall and Jane Stebbins reported on in the Dec. 2 story in the Pilot has major snags.

The director was given the opportunity to discuss at the Roseburg town hall and would not comment. (See Dec 15 and 19 stories at

The Roseburg VA does not appear to be following FDA regulations for proper labeling and dosing instructions, and is providing incomplete drug information warnings/drug interactions with prescriptions to veterans. The FDA is very clear about “boxed” warnings on prescriptions.

I informed Director Paxton in writing Dec. 19 and Congressman Defazio’s Eugene office in a detailed letter about these problems on Dec. 20.

Radiological studies are used to treat, diagnose and, in some cases, compensate veterans for service-connected disabilities. The Roseburg VA’s imaging studies/radiologist reports, when compared to other non-Roseburg VA officesm, do not show everything, and are fuzzy and inconclusive.

Congressman Defazio’s Eugene office made an inquiry to the VA about this very problem in 2016. The VA whitewashed it. Now with more Roseburg MRIs documenting the problem, the Congressman’s aide, Whitney Couture, has renewed interest in this problem.

That’s all for now.

Mike Berns


My Vote Counts?

The DNC Electoral College representatives from each state are not required to vote for the candidate the Democratic voters (their base) of said state voted for during the Democratic primary election.

The DNC Electoral College is set up in such a way it would take an overwhelming number of Democratic voters to defeat the DNC party choice.

This is DNC party control and is not representative of a free democratic society. In 1968, the McGovern/Fraser Commission did away with the smoke-filled back-room primary election presidential selections. Somehow the wealthy and big business have crept back into control of the democratic presidential election nomination.

In Russia this type of process is commonplace and expected; the Russian voters know their votes don’t count. Political opponents are jailed as they are set up by the incumbent party.

Bernie Sanders did not have a chance. He wasted his time and money. My Democrat friends told me they don’t vote because “their vote doesn’t count.” I told my friends they were un-American and showing no loyalty to U.S. soldiers who give their life for them every day.

To my friends I apologize; I didn’t understand the DNC Electoral College voting rules. If you want to elect a Socialist or a Communist to the position of president of the USA, it’s your protected constitutional right to do so, and your vote should count!

EJ Gollaher


Bins frustrating

Contrary to the statement at the end of the article (News Briefs, Dec. 16), Curry Transfer is saying that there are no smaller bins available.

The new bin is twice the size of the regular trash bin. It no longer fits into many folks’ garages, raising questions about where it can be stored and whether it can be handled safely by some of our elderly residents when full.

Considering that recycling is now restricted to fewer items, passing out such large bins seems silly. Moreover, questions are being asked whether local stores will change their containers to allow more recycling. If not, we are going to need much larger trash bins instead of larger recycling bins.

I’d take a picture if my husband wasn’t so furious.

Karen Hansen