Explaining M101

What is Ballot Measure 101 about?

The Oregon Legislature held many hearings and negotiations regarding a mechanism to fund Oregon’s non-federal portion of the Oregon Health Plan. As a result, with agreement of hospitals and other providers, they passed HB 2391.

Opponents successfully collected signatures creating Measure 101 to put the funding mechanism on the ballot. At a special January election, the public can vote to implement the agreed-upon funding of HB 2391 or vote the measure down and search for another funding source.

The League of Women Voters of Curry County will hold speakers bureaus in Curry County.

League members are studying both sides of the issue and will present the pros and cons of the ballot measure. We are asking the public to “think before you ink” and come to our forums before voting.

We have scheduled a forum the Chetco Library in Brookings Jan.10 at noon. The forum will last an hour with ten-minute presentations and time for questions.

More information will be released soon. The League of Women Voters in a non-partisan political organization that encourages informed and active participation in government, works to increase understanding of major public policy issues, and influences the public through education and advocacy. Come and learn about this important measure.

Lucie La Bonte, president

Gold Beach

Nothing new

It really makes me mad when other people claim the Democratic party is run by a bunch of corrupt, old fuddy-duddies and they never come up with any new ideas.


Hillary Clinton sells off 20 percent of our uranium to Vladimir Putin and the Russians wind up forking over $145 million to the Clinton foundation. The Clintons and the Democrats follow all of that with a 21st century neo-McCarthyite witch hunt against Russia and anybody else who would ever dare to talk to the Russians or have anything to do with them.

If that isn’t new and creative thinking, I don’t know what is.

The political icon John Conyers is leading the way when it comes to bringing in fresh and new blood to the political system.

He wants John Conyers Jr. to replace him in Congress.

The Democrats are so hip they even have the singer Al Green calling for Trump’s impeachment!

Joe Thomas


Expand salvage

An open letter to Foresr Service Supervisor Rob Macwharter: I want to thank you again for the extended and committed time you offered recently in Curry County.

As this critical process moves forward, and as we discussed, I will continue to request additional and acceptable salvage well above the 13,000 burned acres currently being considered.

I stand by my position that 13,000 acres is not nearly a large enough portion of the 191,000 acres lost within Curry. We cannot accept unnecessary waste especially, after the tremendous hit Curry and the city of Brookings took due to the tragic Chetco Bar Fire.

Further, you mentioned you would document your revised plans for the minimum amount of salvage harvest. I believe and trust your staff is working on this task. The sooner we get factual information in the hands of our citizens the better.

Thank you as well for your consideration of my request regarding salvage contracts vs. stewardship salvage. Curry County needs all the historical harvest funds it can obtain in the interest of succeeding in our complex recovery. I am in receipt of your news release on the road closure reductions. We stand guarded, however optimistic.

While I am gaining confidence in your commitment to see the county’s preference related to contract timber salvage options is considered, I remain resolved to challenge decisions on behalf of our citizens.

Thank you again for your professionalism and good communication.

Court Boice, Curry County Commissioner