A young home-schooled boy with Treacher Collins syndrome starts fifth grade. The anxieties of starting a new school are real enough, but to go in knowing you’ll be stared at mercilessly would be awful.

The torment of the parents who have to turn him loose and let him fend for himself in an environment almost guaranteed to be cruel. And his normal 15-year-old sister who has difficulty being the invisible sibling, who also must fend for herself.

I encourage everyone with a child in public school to see the new movie Wonder. Especially bullies and their parents — you know who you are. Know that everyone else knows too.

Learn to spot if your own child is being the harasser or is the harassed (http://bit.ly/24NdoYT.) class="Apple-converted-space">

Most of our public school kids have been impacted negatively by bullying. The 2016 Oregon Student Wellness Survey reports that 53.2 percent of sixth-graders, 56.9 percent of eighth graders, and 39.1 percent of 11th-graders in Curry County had been harassed in the 30 days before the survey, 23.4/21.6/9.1 percent had been the bully, and 75.5/66.9/58.6 percent had been a bystander.

The bullying atmosphere in our public schools will continue until students and teachers are well trained in spotting bullying, in voicing “That’s not cool,” when it’s happening, in reporting it through the SafeOregon app or other confidential app sources supplied to students through the school, or by talking to a trusted adult, teacher, counselor or school administrator.

More information is available at http://bit.ly/1DTsVYc

Gordon Clay

TheCitizensWho Care.org


Trump is helping U.S.

Regarding Gary Maceachern’s letter (Pilot, Nov 11): He is right. He doesn’t understand the whole thing.

He claims we will all be harmed by President Trump’s actions. On the contrary, Trump’s actions are helping this country.

He showed strength and confidence on his Asia trip. He was not apologetic and showed that there is value in being our ally. Consumer confidence is up, the GDP is up, the stock market is up, employment is up, home sales are up and fewer people are on food stamps, illegal immigration is down, taxes are coming down. All this in Trump’s first year in office.

Like Presidents Kennedy and Reagan before him, President Trump knows that the way to get companies to return to and remain in this country is to cut regulations and taxes. It’s not about making his friends richer, it’s about jobs and it is working.

Mr. Maceachern claims to know and respect several very successful businessmen but goes on to imply that it is perverse to want to grow their business. No one starts a business with the hope of failure. The more successful a business becomes the more jobs there are.

Mr. Maceachern also claims that Russian operatives promised Trump millions of votes. After more than a year of trying to find collusion between Trump and Russia, the Dems admit they have no proof.

What we do have proof of is that Hillary lied repeatedly about her emails, that the Clintons sold 20 percent of our uranium to Russia for $145 million to enrich their own coffers, and that the phoney dossier about Trump produced by Fusion GPS was paid for by Hillary and the DNC.

These are just a few of the Clinton scandals. I shudder to think where we would be if Hillary had been elected.

Dora Costa


Man with a bad plan

Commissioner Court Boice seems like a good man. Sad to add, he also seems like a man with a very bad plan.

He recently suggested the Curry Health District tap into the County Road Department Reserve Fund, for the purpose of paying for a South County Emergency Center.

This is wrong for these reasons:

•The reserve fund is vital to the road department and the welfare of the citizens in our county. To not have that money readily available in the case of a large disaster is foolhardy. It’s much the same as not insuring your car or your home: all is well only until a crisis occurs. That money belongs right where it is, in the road department’s reserve fund.

•The Curry Health Network has no business going any deeper in debt than it already is. As quoted, the network owes millions of dollars, related to the construction of the new $30 million dollar hospital in Gold Beach. According to CEO Ginny Razo “the district cannot borrow one more dime from anyone.”

•It isn’t the Curry Health Network that should be so desperate to find a way to fund this needed facility. The much more populated south county, whose residents would directly benefit from this life-saving emergency center should be. Strangely, all of the tax burden and inherent risk is expected to land in the laps of the taxpayers solely to the north. It doesn’t make any sense.

Brookings and Harbor residents clearly need their own emergency center up and running as soon as possible. To do so, a plan needs to be in place for south county to fund, or help fund, this much-needed facility.

Bill Ostrowski

Gold Beach