Socialism, really?

As I get older, I find my memory isn’t as good as it once was. That’s my excuse for forgetting stuff.

However, I have no idea what the excuse is for J. Benson or Tracy Rupp (Pilot, Nov. 15) when they both defended socialism over capitalism. Really?

Benson said there were some communes which follow socialist/communist policies very successfully. How does that relate to the form of government of an entire nation? Benson also pointed to Denmark and Sweden where, “…socialism may work under certain circumstances.”

Rupp suggested that our youth are “less free” because they are “burdened” with educational expenses and has obviously supported Bernie Sanders who advocated for “free” college for everyone. Free? Really?

Both writers have forgotten that America’s capitalism has brought this great nation into more prosperity than any country in human history. For all its flaws, capitalism in America is what brings people from all over the world here.

Both writers have forgotten that Denmark and Sweden both rely on their citizens paying more than half of what they earn to the government to be able to give away all that “free” stuff. Is that really what we want here?

You would have only to look at Venezuela for an example of how well socialism works in modern times. I don’t see any socialist country having to build a wall to keep people from entering illegally. If socialism/communism is so great, why is that?

Mike Wiley


Socialism and health

One of your readers submitted an article supportive of both Socialist and Communist forms of government. I found this article offensive and of great concern.

I fought in two wars as my effort to preserve our constitution and our form of government. Neither Socialism nor Communism have ever provided an improved lifestyle for their people.

For example: My father-in-law lived in London and was provided health care through Briitain’s socialized medicine. When he was diagnosed with lung cancer he was admitted to a hospital and put into a drug-induced coma for several weeks until he died. He missed the opportunity to say goodbye to his loved ones.

Later, my mother-in-law developed arthritis in her hip. She was too old to qualify for a hip replacement under the British Health Care system, so she eventually died after spending her senior years as a cripple.

If anyone feels that they will do better in a Socialist country, there are plenty of them around. Leave the U.S. but leave my democracy alone.

God bless the U.S.A.

Alan Jensen


Beware Alligators

Regarding the letter from Vikki Nuss: Thank you Vikki for your letter — “We are not stupid” (Pilot, Nov. 11).

Who let the alligators out! Too many representatives in Congress really don’t care if they lose their seats for pandering to the richest and most powerful who will be able to avoid any Inheritance Taxes if Trump has his way. They can always go to work on K Street as lobbyists.

This is how you drain the swamp? Trump, the Koch family, the Walton Family and all the other extremely wealthy due not to their hard work, but to the sad fact that their wealth is passed on for generations.

And why should they get a pass on even the first $5.49 million of not earned income, while the working person is earning less and less and still paying more taxes than the wealthy. And for that matter, if, as the Supreme Court has ruled, corporations are people, then the hardworking people are corporations and should benefit from corporate subsidies and all types of tax breaks.

Yuppers, who let the alligators out!

Please call your representatives in the House and Senate!

Barbara Nysted


Socialist Failures

In a recent letter to the Pilot, a reader wrote that several countries are doing well under socialism, and that there are a number of successful communes in the U.S. that try to follow socialist/communist ways.

The letter did not mention the socialist failures such as Venezuela, and the not so successful U.S. communes such as Rajneeshpuram, which was established in Oregon by Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh in the 1980s. The Bhagwan was eventually deported.

And who could forget the Peoples Temple commune established by Jim Jones in California that ended with murder and mass suicide in Guyana?

James Brock